Age with Grace – Grace with Age – God Bless

Age with Grace – Grace with Age – God Bless

Age with Grace

Age with grace is growing gracefully

Grace with Age

Grace with Age is Growing in Wisdom


The inevitable factor of life is that we will grow as our age progresses


We cannot be anxious or seek to restrict and restrain the natural aging process


The aspect relating to aging gracefully is relating to the perspective of adapting meaningfully; purposefully; respectfully and responsibly to the respective phases of one’s life


This is not seeking to accelerate or pretentiously put on a facade whereby from the external point of view the cosmetic representation is portrayed

It is

This is being natural; being authentic from the core; reflecting and representing the vibrant and versatility; *the authenticity and magnificence of life in each and every aspect of life very most naturally


This is seeking to adapt towards adopting a healthy life style whereby the food consumed accompanied along with the exercise are moderately balanced please

Discipline – Moderation Please

It is a matter of discipline please; It is being aware; It is being accountable; It is being conscious; It is observance of due diligence and prudent acumen please whether this might relate to any habits or indulgences please


Imagine how very truly fortunate we all are indeed; always thanks to God; time and again thanks to God for such wonderful health, wellness and all the happiness in life; thanks to God always; God Bless


It is considered that stress and anxieties tend to tremendously affect one’s health as well as appearance please


There are certain aspects that we can manage; for certain other aspects we need to very most carefully understand that by deviating from the conventional protocol – the etiquette of evading responsibilities and time management as well as other related aspects, the concerned aspects cannot simply fade away or elapse please


We need to carefully understand; be pro active; be vigilant; be observant; be meticulous; be accountable; be meaningful; be purposeful; be respectful; be responsible as well as seek to attend to our respective agendas; assignments; duties; projects; studies and other related activities with a sense of purposefulness and meaningfulness responsibly please


If at times it might be to impress someone in particular one needs to genuinely reflect upon impressing one’s ownself since the competition is actually with one’s ownself first and then with others; being true to ourselves brings

* The Authenticity of Life

The authenticity of life refers to living life harmoniously; aligning with our trueselves; our true identity;purity; naturalness and simplicity

Authenticity; Recognizing

The authenticity of life refers to living life harmoniously; aligning with our trueselves; our true identity;purity; naturalness and simplicity


Accompanying the authenticity of life is the intensity of life

The Intensity of Life

The intensity of life refers to living life with abundance; recognizing the immense potentialities that dwell within us and utilizing the same ingeniously and also seeks to refer emphatically to the purposefulness of life accompanied along with meaningfulness; respectfulness and responsibleness

Intensity; Recognition

The intensity of life seeks to encourage us to discover and recognize the abundance of goodness that dwells within our realm and to pursue a disciplined approach towards accomplishing meaningful goals purposefully

Grace with Age

Grace with Age is Growing in Wisdom


Wisdom is the power of knowledge; being aware; being insightful meaningfully; being aware of the various aspects of Humanity, Life, Morality, Nature & Spirituality

Grace of God

The grace of God is the greatest gift we have; although it is there with us always; yet, let us keep on seeking it also wisely always for Universal Happiness and Wisdom always; God Bless; We are all interconnected; the Universe is One Healthy and Happy Family; What we do for others, comes back to us; God Bless; God’s grace is truly the very greatest gift of God; God Bless

Praying for Universal Happiness and Wisdom always

All of us have this investment in Life, a few precious moments that we can allot to humbly praying to God, seeking God’s divine grace for Universal Happiness & Wisdom always; God Bless

One Moment – Every Moment Matters Please

A few precious moments from the wonderful ; One moment can change someone’s Life profoundly and make someone regain Hope and look at the challenging aspects of Life more clearly for what they are; God Bless


This is the grace of God, the Blessings of God; God’s grace, God’s Love and Light shining throughout our Life, inspiring us to think for a few moments and devote these for the Universe always please; God Bless

Universal Traditions and Cultures

Each and Every Culture and Tradition all across the Universe is Truly a masterpiece by itself; the very most precious treasures of treasures; brilliant, outstanding; enormously rich traditions and cultures all across the Universe that are meaningful and inspire one another always; God Bless

Life teaches us each and every day either through lessons or experiences, it is upto us to learn or be learned

We are provided various opportunities, however certain opportunities do not repeat themselves; Therefore, when we are presented with an opportunity, we must seek to understand and utilize it meaningfully and efficiently for the intended purpose that would bring about – create goodness and welfare for one and all always please; God Bless

The Heart is the Where God Is

God is always there with us; God Bless

Discovering Ourselves amidst the Wonders

It does matter to take time to devote a certain time each and every day to discover one’s higher purpose in life; God Bless

The Heart Speaks; The Mind Speaks; The Conscience Speaks

Yes indeed; the point is that when the heart speaks; the mind speaks; the conscience speaks; are we merely hearing the speech or are we listening to what is being expressed and when doing so, are we understanding the essence please?

Life Inspires, Seek The Inspiration – The Inspiration prevails and truly abound in each and every aspect of Life Please

Yes indeed, the inspiration can be found everywhere around us; it is a matter of perspective; awareness; consciousness; meaningfulness; purposefulness; respectfulness and responsibilities please; observance of due diligence and prudent acumen responsibly please; God Bless

God’s Grace

The grace of God is truly the very greatest gift of gifts ever; right from the very most fortunate moment that we have been born in this Wonderful Universe; all along our precious lives; and even when we are about to depart from this earthly realm after a graceful completion of this very most fortunate sojourn of life; we should always in all ways; always at all times sing and truly express and rejoice in the glory and greatness of God; it is always God’s grace that prevails; we might be ignorant at times and seek to complain but God’s grace is always there; without God’s grace, we cannot even imagine a single moment of life


But naturally we have to efficiently and promptly attend to our respective agendas; our respective assignments and duties; our employment and studies and other obligations with a perspective of discipline; with a perspective of meaningfulness; purposefulness; respectfulness and responsibleness while observing due diligence and prudent acumen responsibly please; yet time and again it is God’s grace; truly God’s grace that we should be always thankful for and wish one and all goodness and happiness always please; God Bless

The Divine Grace of God

When God’s grace; God’s love and light shines forth in our lives; we are able to experience peace despite all the restlessness or contradictions that may prevail since and through the peace one is able to find true happiness

Always Thanks to God; God Bless

Peace and Happiness accompany each other; one cannot be separated from the other. Wisdom is peace within ourselves as well as the interactions that we have with the Universe.

Always God’s Grace

If we might keep on experiencing turmoil, doubts, contradictions or seek to establish our own ways that defy Nature and go against all that has, is and will prevail; then we are seeking to relentlessly pursue an incessant and infinite pathways that contradict the Universal laws and principles of life which would eventually culminate with the results clearly reflecting that it is always and always God’s grace; it is always and always God’s greatness that prevails; God Bless

Thank God always

Always thanks to God time and again for such a Wonderful Life; such a Wonderful Universe; such Wonderful People; Such Wonders upon Wonders in each and every moment always; always and always utmost thanks to God always; God Bless

God Bless

May One and All to be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health; Wellness; Happiness; Prosperity; Progress & Wisdom always; God Bless

World’s Happiness

When the World is Happy, We are all Happy; In one another’s Happiness is our true Prosperity, Development and Greatest Happiness; God Bless

Universal Appreciation; Happiness; Gratitude & Wisdom

May Universal Appreciation; Good Health & Wellness; Happiness; Consideration; Compassion; Respect; Peace; Love; Cooperation; Inspiration; Gratitude; Economic Development, Stability; Prosperity, Progress & Wisdom prevail always

Love & Light;

God Bless,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi


This article is being expressed in good faith; with sincere and meaningful intentions; but devoid of any kind ; type of responsibilities; representation or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the details featured herewith

Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed regarding any omissions; errors or consequences that may arise as a result of preview; dissemination or propagation in any format whatsoever

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