The Weather of Life – The Whether’s of Life

The Weather of Life – The Whether’s of Life

The Weather of Life

The weather of life is always blooming naturally and glowing gracefully; inspiring us to recognize and experience our True Nature – our Trueselves

The Whether’s of Life

The whether’s of life might be mired with infinite intriguing possibilities and potentialities


It might become quite complicating at times when faced with ultimatums and an deluge of challenges to swiftly make the right decisions and take the meaningful and responsible actions


There is a particular meaning in each and every aspect of life that inspires us to seek to understand the importance and vital significance of why certain circumstances evolve


It might be that due to ignorance or deliberate carelessness one might be entangled in crucial and the very most critical stages and conditions (it is a might and not a definite statement please; hopefully no one does so)


What does the might scenario teach? It seeks to encourage each person to attend to their respective assignments; agendas; duties; employments; studies; tasks and objectives with a greater focus; alertness; vigilance; attentiveness; due diligence and prudent acumen

(Basically call it what you may the point is there is no speculation where it concerns certain aspects – in fact so very many aspects of life; chances and risks need to be very most carefully understood and each step taken with utmost care and the highest levels of profound consideration since once an action is taken it cannot be undone no matter how much one may wish to do so, so please be wise and responsible, thank you very much)


This also essentially encourages the need for professional and competent guidance but eventually despite all the guidance the onus responsibilities – the liabilities remain with the person taking making the respective decisions and taking the respective actions accordingly;

No Shifting

One cannot just shift the blame onto others when confronted with the results that certain circumstances might bring forth


At times it might be just whether this or whether that – whether yes or no – whether maybe or may not be – or other such analogical predicaments – but whatever the whether that one might be faced with, one needs to be completely aware and conscious of all concerned aspects and take the responsible decisions whilst implementing the respective relevant actions very most carefully with a perspective of meaningfulness; purposefulness; respectfulness; responsibleness ensuring observance of due diligence; vigilance; attentiveness; alertness and prudent acumen responsibly please


Whether one might take one step or another there is indeed truly so much much more to the whether that reaches across and influences other whethers and so much more in each and every aspect of life accordingly

Importance – Education – Literacy – Awareness – Knowledge

This also teaches us the vital importance of education and literacy in the World that we are living in and the challenges that are ahead of us


It is considered that knowledge is power; Knowledge enables one to make effective and wise decisions

The Youth are Our Future – Inspiring Legacies

Indeed the youth are the pioneers of the interesting and enterprising future that is ahead of us; We look upon them with immense pride and always have admirable expectations while always wishing them well in their endeavors respectively and respectfully


The youth are going to shape their own future as well as actively participate in various capacities and play important roles; We wish to perceive them accomplishing meaningful; purposeful; respectful and responsible achievements always

Importance of Whether

There is an importance of “Whether” and the “Whethers”; the various instances in life where one might be faced with impending decisions and actions; To put in one sentence; whether one decides and then whether one proceeds to take a certain action(s) or not is entirely upto to the concerned person since the person is faced with the respective consequences of the decisions and actions taken


Why is this emphasis being placed on the “Whether” and the “Whethers” is because at times if one might absent mindedly; ignorantly; inadvertently or carelessly make a decision and take the respective action then apparently one will need to face the consequences as well; whether favorable or unfavorable; whether good or bad since every action has an opposite or equal reaction; so this is a matter of “thinking” carefully; being aware; being well informed;

being cognizant of the various aspects; being diligent and exercising necessary precaution as well as ensuring observance of prudent acumen responsibly apart from taking into consideration various other applicable factors that might bear relevance – as well as certain other factors that might be remotely associated with the concerned as well since when certain aspects show up all of a sudden they are apparently linked to the concerned actions – circumstances – scenarios – eventualities in one way or another

Youth – Please Understand

This is a humble request being expressed to the Youth to kindly understand that when your Parents wish for you to allocate certain time specifically to your academic curriculum there is an importance in this please


Your Parents are encouraging you to invest your time wisely in pursuit of activities that would enhance the scope of your academic and professional achievements brilliantly


Please kindly understand that Your Parents are always having your goodness in their Hearts; they wish that each and every one of you are successful in your respective careers and all respectful walks of life

Whether – Time?

This is why whether you listen to Your Parents or not and devote your time with a disciplined approach to your academic curriculum – to your studies or not; time will tell; it is a matter of whether this choice or whether that choice; choose wisely to balance the time management schedules please; please and please; thank you very much

Whether – Time?

This is why whether you listen to Your Parents or not and devote your time with a disciplined approach to your academic curriculum – to your studies or not; time will tell; it is a matter of whether this choice or whether that choice; choose wisely to balance the time management schedules please; please and please; thank you very much


Time is what Life is made of; The preciousness of time is beyond compare

It cannot

Time cannot be purchased or bartered for or exchanged; Once time is gone, it takes along with it much more than time alone please


One feels and experiences the goodness when the various aspects in Life are meticulously balanced; in their respective time spheres accordingly please

Time Management Please; Thank you very much

Yes indeed, time management please; when possible please

Matters; Counts

Time management does matter please; does count please; when possible please


This brief topic relates to the time management when surfing on line; while using the Internet


It relates to specifically avoiding getting obsessed with the Internet to the extent that it interferes with every other schedule significantly


One feels and experiences the goodness when the various aspects are meticulously balanced; in their respective time spheres


When one aspect overtakes the other significantly, one tends to realize that after all and indeed that due to a certain aspect to an obsessive usage of the Internet without aim or objectives becomes habitual


The habits then become virtually a part of each and every day


So much of a virtual habit, that one knows that what time needs to be allotted to what but one is being probably deviating from one’s actual agendas

Possibilities; Probabilities; Not Actualities;

This is a might situation; a possibility; a probability and not necessary a confirmed actuality everywhere

No Offense Please

No offense is intended please


Since the purpose of this article is to request for careful balancing of the time schedules; management of the time schedules please

Time Management Efficiently

Where one feels and experiences the goodness of the balancing of the time schedules


Let us understand the Internet for what it is


The Internet is neutral and structured to enable various forms of communications

Purposeful; Meaningful; Respectful & Responsible Please

So there is a purposeful and meaningful initiatives that the Internet is establishing every day by bringing People all across the World more closer


However, it all depends upon how one utilizes the Internet; in a way it becomes the responsibility of the user

Balance; Management

To be aware; to balance and manage the time utilized more efficiently please


There might be a phenomena that is called the Internet addiction; whereby one is extensively utilizing the Internet for extended periods of time than one might usually intend to

Clarity; Understanding

One needs to understand the profound implications when one ignores one’s tasks; one’s assignments; one’s agendas; one’s objectives; one’s responsibilities

Reality; Facts

Reality and Facts will always prevail and keep on being what they are; facts are facts; reality is reality; these cannot be changed


One’s attitude can be influenced; yes one can adapt to a more efficient time management schedule whereby one is in control of the time allotted to each time schedule more efficiently please

Education – Knowledge – Literacy

Time and again the importance of education and knowledge is evident; whether one might seek to accept and acknowledge the facts or ignore it; whether one might seek to take the meaningful and responsible steps or not there is-are always consequences for each aspect of ignorance or deliberate carelessness; pretension cannot work or prevail for long; the reality; the facts of life will seek to prevail and reflect their presence and essence predominantly and prominently with the greatest precedence ever; facts are facts and will remain facts whether one may seek to accept and understand them or not


There are so many other aspects relating and associated with whether – whethers that the importance of awareness; the importance of knowledge; the importance of discipline and attentiveness is paramount; the importance of conscious; meaningful; purposeful; respectful and responsible initiatives do play a key role in each of their respective constituencies and hemispheres – the respective conditions and scenarios they may be associated with and prevail upon accordingly

The Weather of Life

Indeed, the weather of life is always blooming naturally and glowing gracefully; inspiring us recognize and experience our True Nature – our Trueselves


The Truth is the true nature of life; To live by the truth can provide the inspiration; It is the trueness of the spirit of life which is its integrity; We are always who we Truly are; To live in the truth that could lead us to the absolute truth which is enlightenment; God Bless

The Spirit of Life

It is known that when the spirit expresses itself, it reveals the divine knowledge that relates to one’s needs; and when the spirit expresses its needs, they are met with characteristic abundance of values based principles that energizes the respective achievements and accomplishments meritoriously; God Bless

Moment by Moment – Every Moment is Truly Precious Please

The Universal Intention is always encouraging us to envisage and recognize the potential scope of each and every precious moment and to utilize it meaningfully; purposefully’ respectfully; responsibly; wisely and very most preciously than any treasure ever since each moment is truly the greatest treasure ever; God Bless

God Bless

May the Universe be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Happiness and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love & Light;

God Bless,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi


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