Jai Ho – Joy to the Universe

Jai Ho – Joy to the Universe

J representing Joy

A representing Admiration

I representing Inspiration

H representing Happiness

O representing Outstanding

Jai Ho

Jai Ho represents the wonderful expression; May Victory Be Yours; This is the Victory and Triumph of the Universe always; God Bless

Yours – Respectfully

Yours respectfully represents; We are a part of the Universe; The Universe is a part of us; What we have received, we have truly received from the Universe;

Contributions – Respectfully

It is what we can do for the Universe meaningfully; purposefully; respectfully and responsibly always; How we can play our respective roles in this wonderful life; The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose; a life of meaningful values based principles and ideals; God Bless


When Jai Ho is re phrased in reverse it represents a similar feeling of delightfulness

Sequence – Respectfully

Let us start with the following sequence of re phrasing

O representing Outstanding

H representing Happiness

I representing I

A representing Am

J representing Joyful

Oh I am Joy – Respectfully

This is resonating our inherent selves; our Innate Joy; our True Nature; Our Trueselves – Oh, I am Joy; God Bless


Innate Joy represents the passion of life


We have all inherited the greatest of treasures that could ever be discovered


Let us recognize this greatness that prevails within each and everyone of us and utilize it for Universal development, happiness and welfare always


This innate joy is an inherent part of us; Joy is who we truly are

True Nature – Trueselves

Our True Nature; Our Trueselves is splendidly Joyful; It is a Joy that cannot be expressed or described; It is amongst the greatest of experiences that when we seek to evoke our spiritual awareness, recognize and experience our True Nature; our Trueselves we experience Joy truly

True Nature

The True Spirit of Life is the True Nature of Life; The True Spirit of Life will always shine forth gloriously always; God Bless


The Truth is the true nature of life; To live by the truth can provide the inspiration; To live in the truth that could lead us to the absolute truth which is enlightenment; It is known that when the spirit expresses itself, it reveals the divine knowledge; God Bless


This is the potential divinity of each Person seeking to know how they could contribute their goodness for the Development; Happiness and Welfare of the Universe as One Happy and Joyful Family always, God Bless

Jai Ho – Joy to the Universe

Jai Ho – Joy to the Universe; Enjoy In Joy; Be Appreciative; Be Considerate; Be Compassionate; Be Meaningful; Be Purposeful; Be Respectful; Be Responsible; God Bless


This is seeking to inspire one another to respectively attend to our agendas; assignments; duties; academic, personal and professional objectives with a perspective of meaningfulness; purposefulness; respectfulness; responsibleness whilst ensuring observance of due diligence; prudent acumen and explicit compliance with the respective laws and regulations governing Nature and the Universe always; God Bless

World’s Happiness – Universal Happiness – Respectfully

When the World is Happy, We are all Happy; In one another’s Happiness is our true Joy, Prosperity, Development and Greatest Happiness

God Bless – With Admiration and Utmost Respect

May the Universe be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Happiness, Peace; Inspiration; Joy; Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always; God Bless

Jai Ho; Love & Light; God Bless,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi


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