Thought – Th – Ought – Think Well, Be Well – God Bless

Thought – Th – Ought – Think Well, Be Well – God Bless


A thought might represent an intention seeking to manifest itself


Thought is the process of thinking; the expectation envisaged; the conceptualization; it is the purpose related to an expectancy being imagined – a visualization process


Thoughts are powerful in their own way respectively

Thought – Th – Ought – Respectfully

Now if we bifurcate this as follows respectfully


Th – Th representing That


Ought – Ought represents – expected or most likely- most probably


Reflecting on the above it is seeking to bring forth the reality that what we think does matter; it does count please

Think Well, Be Well – God Bless

This is an inspirational approach as well as an established process


The commencement – The fundamentals are the thoughts


It is the manifestation of certain thoughts that amaze a person that what they were thinking about passionately evolved

Please Understand – Respectfully

It is important to understand please that not every thought is expected to manifest; yet what one keeps on thinking about literally with resilience and unabatedly seeks to manifest itself if it is justified; if it is explicitly complying with the respective laws and regulations that govern Nature and the Universe

IF – Respectfully

The reason for the IF is because the doctrine that has been well known since thousands of years and will continue to prevail emphasizing that; what we do for others comes back to us; what goes around comes around as well; we reap what we sow


It is also well known that in many instances thoughts become one’s realities


Let us seek to inspire one another to think creatively please


Let us seek to inspire one another to contribute our very finest endeavors for the welfare and development of Nature; the Environment and the Universe please


Let us seek to enlighten one another meaningfully and responsibly regarding the crucial importance of thoughts please; thank you very much; God Bless

Etiquette – Protocol

Always seek to be meaningful; purposeful; respectful and responsible please; God Bless

Conventionalities – Modalities

Always seek to abide – to explicitly comply with the respective laws and regulations that govern Nature and the Universe please; God Bless

Attentiveness – Awareness

Always seek to be aware; to be conscious; to be vigilant – to ensure observance of due diligence and prudent acumen; discipline; practicing non violence in all forms of thoughts – actions and expressions please; God Bless


Trust in God and faith in ourselves; God Bless

God Bless

May the Universe be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Happiness, Peace; Inspiration; Joy; Love; Meaningfulness; Purposefulness; Respectfulness; Responsibleness; Trust; Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love & Light;

God Bless,


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