Awareness – Whereness of Awareness

Awareness – Whereness of Awareness

Awareness – Respectfully

Awareness is an important aspect of life

Intuition – Respectfully

Higher Awareness is the intuitive guidance

Importance – Respectfully

It is important to cultivate our higher awareness

Perception – Respectfully

Higher awareness enables us to perceive aspects from a mature perspective

Trueselves – Respectfully

Higher awareness facilitates the recognition and experience of our true nature; our trueselves

Awareness – Whereness of Awareness – Respectfully

It is important to be aware regarding the whereness of our awareness please

Conscious – Respectfully

This is seeking to adopt and pursue a conscious approach whereby one is aware regarding one’s thoughts, actions and all forms of expressions please

God Bless

May the Universe be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Happiness, Peace; Inspiration; Joy; Love; Meaningfulness; Purposefulness; Respectfulness; Responsibleness; Trust; Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love and Light,

God Bless,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi


This article is being expressed in good faith; with sincere and meaningful intentions; but devoid of any kind ; type of responsibilities; representation or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the details featured herewith

Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed regarding any omissions; errors or consequences that may arise as a result of preview; dissemination or propagation in any format whatsoever

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