Kneeling – Feeling – Healing – God Bless

Kneeling – Feeling – Healing – God Bless


K representing Kindness

N representing Nobleness

E representing Equanimity

E representing Endurance

L representing Love

I representing Inspiration

N representing Non Violence

G representing Gratitude


F representing Forgiveness

E representing Enthusiasm

E representing Enjoyment

L representing Liberty

I representing Intuition

N representing Niceness

G representing Gratitude


H representing Happiness

E representing Encouragement

A representing Appreciation

L representing Loyalty

I representing Inclination

N representing Nurturing

G representing Gentleness

Kneeling – Respectfully

One of the respectful representations of kneeling is attributed respectfully to the observance of religious practices; God Bless

Expression – Respectfully

Kneeling is regarded as the posture for expression of prayers of repentance or supplication to grow in grace and awareness consciously; God Bless

Humility – Respectfully

Kneeling represents the expression of humility; our humbleness; it is an honor; it is prostrating ourselves before God; it is humbling ourselves before the greatness of God; it is singing and expressing the glory of God with our hearts filled with profound love, utmost admiration and the very highest form of reverence very most respectfully; God Bless

Feelings – – Respectfully

One of the representations attributed to feelings is that they are considerable catalysts for change; true feelings precipitate an enormous transformation in one’s life respectively; God Bless

Inherent – Respectfully

Feelings are an inherent part of human nature; God Bless

Feel – Respectfully

It is true that when we experience certain feelings; how we feel at certain moments can never be forgotten ; God Bless

Healing – Respectfully

Feelings are healing as well; the mental, physical and spiritual feelings experienced represent an enormous significance and have an impact on our lives for a lifetime; God Bless

Lifetime – Respectfully

Truly lifetime indeed since at certain instances if we are overwhelmed by circumstances and situations that are beyond our control, it is our true feelings that seek to inspire us to recuperate and be hale and health again, thanks to God, always utmost thanks to God; God Bless

Encouragement – Respectfully

What does this seek to encourage us is to feel good; be meaningful; be purposeful; be respectful and be responsible always; it all begins with the thought and then leads to the experience of the feeling and onwards to the feelings; so it does matter how we feel please; out Attitude does matter and count always please; God Bless

Understandably – Respectfully

Understandably at various life might represent phenomenal challenges and incidents where we cannot control the state – the expression of our feelings of grief and sadness; of despair but it is to remembered that we need to remain Hopeful please, we need to be the Hope we truly are please; God Bless

Please – Respectfully

We need to think of our Parents, how they have toiled and taken immense efforts at each and every step of life to bring us up so wonderfully, we need to carry forth their legacy of spreading the goodness and inspiration all across the Universe, reaching across and spreading the good tidings – the goodness, the feelings of marvelousness and splendidness; the magnificence of this wonderful life always please; God Bless

Trueselves – True Nature – Respectfully

When we recognize and experience our True Nature – our Trueselves we truly feel immensely blessed with feelings that are beyond any expression or description since the feelings experienced by our True Nature and Trueselves are simply incomparable and very most outstanding; God Bless

Prelude – Respectfully

The above is a very brief prelude and a humble few words that have been respectfully expressed regarding the importance of feelings but the feelings that prevail and are experienced are an inherent part of ourselves please, we need to carefully understand the importance of our thoughts and feelings please; God Bless

Ahimsa – Non Violence – Respectfully

It might depend on how we may wish to experience our feelings; whether to admire and appreciate; whether to be grateful and joyful; whether to be vigilant and alert ensuring observance of due diligence and prudent acumen; but the greatest of feelings is the feeling of ahimsa – non violence; where we seek to experience non violence in all forms of thoughts; actions and expressions please; God Bless

Healing – Respectfully

Healing is represented by one of its inherent attributes which is feeling; It is considered that feeling is one of the instrumental processes of healing;It is the feeling of good health and wellness experienced from within one’s ownself; the wonderful and inspirational thoughts of happiness which are amazing but all restricted to their own respective conditionalities; God Bless

Important Please – Respectfully

The reason conditionalities is mentioned specifically is because the above should not be mis understood since if one might be afflicted with serious health ailments – diseases or other maladies, one needs to very most carefully understand that this information is NOT a substitute to treat or cure any disease or to offer any diagnosis to any individual whatsoever as this is NOT related to medical advice in any way whatsoever

Important Please – Respectfully

Where it may pertain to, it is strongly recommended that the concerned individual to whom it may pertain to should obtain the necessary qualified professional medical advice accordingly

Important Please – Respectfully

The details featured herewith are in good faith on an as-is basis for informational and educational purposes only and is NOT a substitute for the professional judgment of professional care or advice

Important Please – Respectfully

Also this does not in any way assure or guarantee any results; since all actions and decisions taken by the concerned individual to who it may pertain to remains completely and entirely the concerned individual’s responsibility and at their sole discretion and risk; each endeavor must be checked – verified – scrutinized – ascertained very most carefully please – with utmost attention and the very highest essential care taken along with observance of precaution, due diligence, prudent acumen,accountabilities and responsibilities please

Healing – God Bless – Respectfully

Healing is a noble action; Healing is a process of communicating with one’s own self amazingly; God Bless

Consciousness – Respectfully

When the profound realization dawns regarding one’s abilities to heal; this leads one to humbly express thanks to God for the wonderful intellectual faculties and abilities that we have truly been provided always; always thanks to God; God Bless

Awareness – Respectfully

And when this awareness is evoked; the person experiencing the tremendous experience of healing is utmost grateful to themselves as well as others and very most gratefully to God; God Bless

Discovering – Respectfully

It is a continuous process that keeps on evolving seeking the goodness for one and all selflessly; Being compassionate; Practicing forgiveness and expressing unconditional love; To perceive through the eyes of the Heart; To gratefully acknowledge and express sincere thanks to God always; God Bless

Releasing – Not Re leasing – Respectfully

Healing being partly the process of releasing the negative energies (this refers to the complete and total release of the negative tendencies and energies please and not re lease since re lease means to re hire); tendencies; Trust in God always and Faith in Ourselves; God Bless

Wonderful – Respectfully

God always provides the very most wonderful of abilities and virtues; love, peace, awareness, wisdom, the vision of hope, strength, courage and so much more of the very finest of virtues; always thanks to God; God Bless

The Spirit of Life; The Inspiration of Life – – Respectfully

The Spirit of Life being amongst the very most integral aspects of Life reaches across and provides emotional support and evokes one’s spiritual awareness; God Bless

Thoughtfully – Respectfully

Thereby seeking to establish a calmness; the peace, serenity and tranquility; determined and inspired approach of perceiving various aspects of life remarkably and taking the meaningful; purposeful; respectful and responsible initiatives thoughtfully; God Bless

Inspire – Respectfully

The purpose of this endeavor is to seek expression of experiences from participants who might have faced one or another process of healing since it is they in their own words, who could Inspire others who might be facing similar predicaments; challenges; God Bless

Particular Stages – Respectfully

At the particular stages that a Person is in the midst of the respective crisis; there is an ardent and sincere hope for good developments; every strand of hope means so much more and every step; progress means and counts so very much more; truly like no other

Narrated – Respectfully

The healing is such a process where one is humbly surrendering to God and praying; seeking the grace of God to heal one’s own self as well as others; it is a feeling and an experience that could only be narrated and described by one who has gone through such a particular experience

Humbly – Respectfully

These few words are humbly acknowledging their initiatives respectfully for their determined resolve; for their faith; their courage and attitude, that despite being suddenly drawn into a completely complex state of events;

Gracefully – Respectfully

They gracefully manage to hold their spirits high and radiate a glow that is incomparable; they might be on the crossroads facing the very most profound of challenges; God Bless

Hold Onto every Strand of Hope – Respectfully

But they seek to hold onto every strand of hope with a disciplined attitude that is truly admirable and inspiring; in fact it is so much more than the virtues of admirability and inspiration; it is an attitude that speaks volumes, with each and every single action of theirs; every achievement is truly a milestone; a milestone that is incomparable to any other achievement in any sphere of life

Goodness – Respectfully

It is also considered that healing is a process that evolves through a cumulative state of consciousness where all entities seek and truly perceive the goodness in themselves as well as in others

Awareness – Respectfully

Regarding spiritual healing; this is a process where we seek to evoke our spiritual awareness and seek to recognize and experience our true selves; the truth; the love and light which are the centredness of the very essence of who we so very fortunately are

Immense Goodness Prevails within Our Trueselves – Respectfully

All of us truly have immense goodness and greatness prevalent within us and when we seek to radiate and permit the glow of this resplendence to brilliantly shine forth without any inhibitions; unconditionally and without any self created restrictions; the flow of the good wishes; the prayers; the best of the very best of greetings are always reaching across and blessing one another with the very best in every thought gracefully

Naturalness – Respectfully

It is an aspect that comes forth very naturally without any specific preparation since it is effortless and a naturalness; a natural part of each and every one of us; the selfless approach, where every aspect is filled with tremendous goodness and immense greatness; all for the Universal meaningful benefit and constructive progress consistently

Happiness – Respectfully

All the Happiness of the Universe is prevalent in one another’s Happiness and Well Being; what we do for others, comes back to us always; what we wish for others; manifests in our lives, at one time or another; what goes around. comes around always

Pro active – Respectfully

Healing could be interpreted also as a pro active and responsible approach; where one is seeking to make one’s self more aware of various aspects of life more meaningfully; adopting healthy lifestyles and habits that are productive and in one’s truly best interests always

Organizational Values – Respectfully

Healing being the pro active approaches; where each individual is able to organize and schedule their respective agendas; assignments systematically thereby avoiding the anxious stress oriented moments that generally evolves when one seeks to ignore one’s responsibilities ignorantly and then hastens to catch up with the lost time very most anxiously-apprehensively

Communicated – Respectfully

There is so much to healing that it should be carefully; meaningfully; purposefully; respectfully and responsibly communicated since it involves the very most sensitive aspects of one’s life; this is why I have sought to refrain from venturing towards endorsing any specific aspect of healing

Qualified – Respectfully

This is extremely important and very most essential to understand that only those that are respectively Qualified and are duly eligible to impart the respective counsel; advice; suggestions; recommendations with various types of healing would be obviously able to render the respective contributions in their respective capacities with utmost responsibilities;

Sensitiveness – Respectfully

Not everyone is able to simply heal on the basis of their self proclaimed expressions of healing alone since this as specified above is amongst the very most sensitive of aspects ever that reaches across and touches one’s most delicate of aspirations; expectations; hopes; ardent desires; cherished wishes and so much more; Healing means so much indeed

Imagine – Respectfully

Just imagine someone; somewhere who is;are facing some of the very most challenging moments of their intricacies and complexities; their very most sensitive moments; for them nothing could be more important than being healed; their recuperation and convalescence so very delicately balanced;

Essential – Respectfully

So it is extremely very most essential to always ensure that what reaches them respectively is;are only the very most Qualified and the Very Most Professional that relates to their respective requirements

Good Wishes – Respectfully

With utmost Respect and Reverence; May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Inspiration; Awareness; Knowledge; Happiness and Wisdom always

True – Respectfully

Being True to Ourselves and Others; God Bless; When we discover our trueselves, we are able to understand so much about others truly; When we seek to truly understand others; we discover, so very much about our trueselves; God Bless

Inspiration – Respectfully

Let us recognize that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose; to live a life of meaningful values based principles and ideals that are each evoking our awareness to express ourselves truly; to recognize and experience our True Nature, our Trueselves, God Bless

God Bless

May the Universe be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Happiness, Peace; Inspiration; Joy; Love; Meaningfulness; Purposefulness; Respectfulness; Responsibleness; Trust; Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love & Light,

God Bless,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi


This article is being expressed in good faith; with sincere and meaningful intentions; but devoid of any kind ; type of responsibilities; representation or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the details featured herewith

Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed regarding any omissions; errors or consequences that may arise as a result of preview; dissemination or propagation in any format whatsoever

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