The Source – The Resourcefulness

The Source – The Resourcefulness


The Source – Respectfully – Always and Always, Thanks to God

We are the source of our lives, reflecting abundance of good health – appreciation – gratitude – joy, happiness, wisdom and so many more of the priceless virtues and treasures that are truly incomparable; God Bless

The Resourcefulness – Respectfully – Always and Always, Thanks to God

We are the resource; the resourcefulness of our lives as well; God Bless

Harmony – Respectfully

The above seeks to respectfully remind us to cultivate the growth, stability and sustainability of goodness and happiness all across the Universe ; God Bless

Search – Respectfully

We might search and keep searching persistently and are amazed to discover that the source and the source emanates from within our true nature – our trueselves ; God Bless

Equipped – Respectfully

We are humbly grateful and very most thankful to God for the wealth of goodness and happiness that dwells all across the Universe ; God Bless

Miles – Respectfully

This is not about travelling miles across the Universe, it is the miles that are wonderfully dwelling within within the recognition and experience of our true nature – our trueselves ; God Bless

Please – Respectfully

Please remember that God has provided us with so much of resourcefulness that the more the goodness and happiness that we share meaningfully – purposefully – respectfully and responsibly with all our Brothers and Sisters all across the Universe the more we are further Blessed with the ability – the abundance – the reservoir of the source being replenished amazingly; God Bless

Privilege – The Source – The Resourcefulness – Respectfully

We are all the healthiest, the wealthiest, the luckiest with the very most beautiful hearts; we are the children of God and proud to experience this esteemed privilege and resonate it admirably; always and always utmost thanks to God; God Bless

Summarization – Respectfully

Think about it, experience it, Life is Amazing, Life is Fabulous, Life is Wonderful; Life is Life – absolutely Terrific and the greatest Blessing; God Bless

Practicing – Respectfully

Please always ensure observance of due diligence and prudent acumen; practice of ahimsa – non violence in all forms of thoughts, actions and expressions please and seek to be meaningful; purposeful; respectful and responsible please, Thank you very much, God Bless

Purposeful – Respectfully

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose; a life of meaningfulness, purposefulness and responsibleness; a life that encompasses values based principles and ideals , God Bless

Intuition – Respectfully

Let us seek to awaken – evoke our inner wisdom – our higher consciousness; Be more creative; be the genius that we truly are; let us seek to develop our intuition – intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life; Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul; God Bless

Always and Always, Thanks to God – Respectfully

The above few humble words are a brief prelude since the source and resourcefulness are immensely great and their wonderfulness could not be extolled – described with the expression of a few or how many ever words since they are evolving very most amazingly in each and every moment; always thanks to God, time and time again, in each and every moment, utmost and profound thanks to God always; God bless

Understand – Always and Always, Thanks to God – Respectfully

The above expression of thankfulness is never complimented and complete if we do not attend to our respective agendas – assignments – duties – academic, personal and professional objectives and obligations

Appointments – Respectfully

Since it is essential that we seek to remember that while we have an appointment every day to keep with God (our prayers), with ourselves (self reflection – recognizing and experiencing our true nature – our trueselves) and with the Universe (our respective duties); God Bless,

Allocation – Respectfully

This is humbly seek to refer to the following respectfully that if every aspect of life could be allocated its respective time schedules please whereby there prevails a systematic and organized approach to living this wonderful life, thank you very much for your understanding; God Bless

Time is of Essence Please – Respectfully

A meaningful and responsible approach relating to recognizing the essence of the importance of time please and thereby seeking to adopt and pursue the meaningful balancing – prioritizing of the time schedules please; God Bless

God Bless – Respectfully

May the Universe be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Happiness, Peace; Inspiration; Joy; Love; Meaningfulness; Purposefulness; Respectfulness; Responsibleness; Trust; Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love & Light;

God Bless,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi


This article is being expressed in good faith; with sincere and meaningful intentions; but devoid of any kind ; type of responsibilities; representation or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the details featured herewith

Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed regarding any omissions; errors or consequences that may arise as a result of preview; dissemination or propagation in any format whatsoever

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