Happy Birthday Ratan Tata – Inspiring & Empowering Legacies With a Sustainable Vision – Respectfully

Happy Birthday Ratan Tata – Inspiring & Empowering Legacies With a Sustainable Vision –


Happy Birthday Ratan Tata – Respectfully

28th December 2009 proudly marks the 72nd birthday of Respected Shri Ratan Tataji

Ratan Tata – Respectfully

The translation of Ratan in Hindi represents Jewel; The translation of Tata in Sanskrit represents Father

Complimenting Resourcefulness – Respectfully

Shri Ratan Tataji has been passionately complimenting the importance of talent thereby encouraging the intellectual evolution of creative brilliance consistently

Inspiration – Respectfully

He inspires millions of people with his integral vision that encompasses deliverance of exceptional value oriented products and services consistently

Inspiring & Empowering Legacies With a Sustainable Vision – Respectfully

Shri Ratan Tataji through the auspices of Sir Ratan Tata Trust has been sincerely pioneering the characteristic development of millions of lives ingeniously through provision of much needed support resourcefully; whether in form of provision of education and literacy; infrastructural development as well as enriching the livelihood of people amazingly

Description – Respectfully

The above few words are humbly seeking to express the greatness of Shri Ratan Tataji and his indomitable spirit and vision of empowering values based principles and erstwhile contributions that are truly cherished and are transforming the lives of millions of people meaningfully and amazingly

Hearts – Respectfully

His innovative vision of reaching across and enriching the lives of millions of people has truly earned him an admirable and affectionate place in their hearts for generations with profound pride and respect

Empowering – Respectfully

The hallmarks of time respectfully salute his dedication and committed vision towards his thoughtful approach of empowering talent thereby harnessing and leveraging a resourceful allocation of initiatives and energy relating to the accomplishments of notable milestones benefitting millions of people amazingly

Best Wishes – Respectfully

It is with with profound pride and admiration we felicitate and extend our best wishes to him, always praying to God to bless and further empower his perspective abundantly with a vision of Good Health, Happiness, Inspiration, Innovation and Wisdom always, God Bless

Bridges – Respectfully

His vision exemplifies the fact that through meaningful empowerment millions of people are able to intellectually express and align their vision along with his remarkable vision thereby powering the empowerment amazingly; this is building the bridges of destinies with a perspective of industriousness based upon a vision encompassing commitments of exceptional values based principles respectively

Values – Respectfully

Shri Ratan Tatajii has proven that where there is a vision that encompasses values based principles and commitments relating to meaningful empowerment, there prevails enormous scope for meaningful and purposeful growth and expansion of enterprising achievements and prestigious accomplishments amazingly

Light – Respectfully

The very best gift that we could give to Shri Ratan Tataji is to

consistently seek to accomplish and excel in our respective agendas to ensure that we are able to let our light shine through and radiate the hallmarks of magnificence in purpose, values and principles consistently and with meaningful consistency

Vision – Respectfully

The light is the vision being empowered amazingly by empowering commitments that are building their edifice on the basis of a strong foundation of values based principles consistently

Gratitude – Respectfully

Thank you very much, Shri Ratan Tataji; Respectfully; we are very much grateful to you for your inspiring vision and thoughtful guidance related to empowering millions of people that encompasses a vision of amazing values and principles consistently

Happy Birthday Ratan Tata – Inspiring & Empowering Legacies With a Sustainable Vision – Respectfully

Happy Birthday Shri Ratan Tataji, your inspiring initiatives are constructively empowering legacies with a sustainable vision that is value oriented consistently whilst keeping pace with the evolving technological trends with thoughtful alignment and meaningfulness that is encompassing creative brilliance amazingly

Blessings – Respectfully

May God Bless you with a vision of Good Health, Happiness and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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All Rights Reserved


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One thought on “Happy Birthday Ratan Tata – Inspiring & Empowering Legacies With a Sustainable Vision – Respectfully

  1. Dear Mr. Ratan Tata,

    Many Happy returns of the day……………………..

    Good health and a long life all the way……………..

    May the good lord continue to shower his choicest blessings on you so that you can carry out all the good work that you keep doing…………….

    Good health,
    Bear hugs and love,
    Ardent fan of yours from yonks!!
    Jennifer Andrade


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