Tribute to God – Respectfully

Tribute to God – Respectfully

A Very Most Respectful; Admirable; Loving; Reverential Tribute to God – Respectfully

Greatness Respectfully

God is One; God is Love; God is Great; God Bless

Trust Respectfully

We always Trust in God and have faith in ourselves; God Bless

Best Respectfully

God knows what is Best for us always; God Bless

Time Respectfully

God knows when the time is right; God Bless

Way Respectfully

God has his own ways; God Bless

Gifts Respectfully

God has provided us the very most precious gifts; God Bless

Universe Respectfully

God has brought us in this Universe; we are very fortunate; God Bless

Purpose Respectfully

We need to recognize our higher purpose always; God Bless

To Serve Respectfully

To serve Nature; the Environment; Humanity with Love & Truly; God Bless

Providence Respectfully

God’s providence is amazing; God Bless

Wisdom Respectfully

God will take care of us in his own way; Trust in God and Faith in Ourselves; God Bless

Reaches Respectfully

God reaches across anywhere; God Bless

Perceive Respectfully

God is watching everything; everywhere; every time; God Bless

Time Respectfully

Time is no measure; God knows what was; what is; what will be; Trust God

Attribution Respectfully

Nature; the Environment; Humanity; all attribute their importance to God

Centuries Respectfully

God knows every aspect regarding everything that ever was or will ever be; God Bless

Power Respectfully

God’s power is infinite

Prayers Respectfully

God listens to our prayers; God Bless

Tears of Joy & Sadness Respectfully

God watches both our tears of joy and sadness; God Bless

Courage Respectfully

God wants to help us always; God helps those who help themselves and others meaningfully, purposefully, respectfully, responsibly, sincerely and wisely; God Bless

Near Respectfully

God is always near us; God Bless

Providence Respectfully

The providence of God is amazing; God Bless

Will Respectfully

God’s will only God knows; God Bless

Integrity Respectfully

God wants us to seek the Truth always; God Bless

Passive Respectfully

God wants us to be passive; never to hurt anyone in thoughts; words or actions; God Bless

Adore Respectfully

God wants us to adore him always; God Bless

Worship Respectfully

God wants us to worship him always; God Bless

Needs Respectfully

God will fulfill our true needs; not necessarily our wants; God Bless

Leave Respectfully

God will never leave us alone; God is always and always near us; God Bless

Handle Respectfully

God will never burden us with more than we can truly handle; God Bless

Resources Respectfully

God will always provide with an abundance of resources; God Bless

Utilize Respectfully

How we utilize each resource for Universal Happiness is our gift to God; God Bless

Equipped Respectfully

In any situation; we should know that God has equipped us with the very finest of abilities; resources; God Bless

Greater Respectfully

God will always reveal his greatness in all that abounds ; God Bless

True Respectfully

God needs us to be true to ourselves and others around us always; God Bless

Happens Respectfully

Everything that ever happens; happens as per God wishes; God Bless

Actions Respectfully

Whatever actions anyone takes; God knows; God always knows; God Bless

Responsibilities Respectfully

The person taking the actions become responsible for their respective actions; God Bless

Choices Respectfully

Repeat, whatever choices a person makes; the concerned is responsible always; God Bless

Knowledge Respectfully

God is knowledgeable and is able to understand everything; everywhere; every time; God Bless

Awareness Respectfully

God is always aware of each and every aspects of the Universe; always & always; God Bless

Ordains Respectfully

What God ordains manifests; always; always God’s way; never our way; God truly knows what is the best way; God Bless

Truly Respectfully

God is truly all that was; all this and all that will ever be; God Bless

Everything Respectfully

Everything; absolutely everything manifests only with grace of God; God Bless

Creates Respectfully

God creates the very finest for us always; God Bless

Serve Respectfully

We should always serve God truly with an awakened Heart; Mind; Intellect & Soul; God Bless

Non Violence Respectfully

We should always practice non violence in all forms of thoughts, actions and expressions respectively; God Bless

Evolves Respectfully

Nothing evolves without God; God is supreme; God is the very greatest; God Bless

Love Respectfully

God is love; God Bless

Light Respectfully

Let the light of God shine forth always in all our lives; God Bless

Privileged Respectfully

God has provided us so many wonderful assets in life; we are truly privileged; God Bless

Miracles Respectfully

God has created all of creation; life is amongst the greatest of his miracles; God Bless

Depends Respectfully

The environment; nature and humanity; all depend upon God’s grace always

Hearts Respectfully

Our hearts overflow with true love for God always; God Bless

Devotion Respectfully

Offering our true devotion to God is amongst the very essence of our lives; God Bless

Eyes Respectfully

The eyes of our hearts yearn for a glimpse of God always; God Bless

Eternal Divine Essence Respectfully

God has provided us with the extremely important awareness that the Soul is the perfect and eternal divine essence; God Bless

Truth Respectfully

God is the truth; God Bless

Always God’s Way Respectfully

Always God’s way; always Dear God show us the pathways; God Bless

Selflessly Respectfully

When we selflessly help light the path for others through the grace, love and light of God;

Illuminated Respectfully

Our pathways are illuminated as well; God Bless

Always Seek Respectfully

Yet we always humbly seek the Wisdom from God; since without God’s grace, we are unable to perceive or interpret any aspect of life; God is great ; God Bless

Humble Acknowledgment Respectfully

What we are doing is but a humble action;- lighting the path through the method of spreading the awareness or goodness; God Bless

God is lighting the pathways Respectfully

However it is always God, the greatness of God that is lighting the path always; always and always God is lighting the pathways; God Bless

Greatness Respectfully

In all aspects and respects it is God who has always been illuminating the paths for all of us; always and always; this is the greatness of God; God Bless

Shines Respectfully

God shines as the Soul in different bodies; God Bless

Divine Illusion Respectfully

God makes every form that God creates to shine forth with God’s divine illusion; God Bless

Abilities & Inspiration Respectfully

God provides us the wonderful abilities and the inspiration in life always; God Bless

Discover Respectfully

In search of our own selves, we discover the Truth; God Bless

Love Respectfully

In search for the Truth, we discover Love; God Bless

God is Love Respectfully

In search of Love, we discover God; God is Love; God Bless

Seek Respectfully

We always seek God’s grace for Universal Peace; Love; Welfare; Wisdom; Happiness; Development; Stability; Prosperity and Progress; for one and all; God Bless

Gift Respectfully

Truly the grace of God is the greatest gift we have, let us spend it wisely always and always for Universal Peace; Love; Development & Happiness always; God Bless

Grace Respectfully

All of us are Blessed by the grace of God; the grace of God is unconditional; it is for one and all; God Bless

Investment; Praying for Universal Happiness; Peace; Love & Wisdom Respectfully

We invest a few moments everyday with an attitude of appreciative gratitude; praying for the Universe always; God Bless

Humbly Respectfully

Always humbly seeking God’s divine grace for Universal Happiness; Peace; Love & Wisdom; always; God Bless

Moment Respectfully

One moment can change someone’s Life profoundly and make someone regain Hope and look at the challenging aspects of Life more clearly for what they are; God Bless

Blessings Respectfully

This is the grace of God, the Blessings of God; the greatness of God; God Bless

God’s Love; Light & Grace Respectfully

God’s grace, God’s Love and Light is shining throughout our Life, inspiring us to devote a few moments every day for the Universe; to pray for Universal Happiness; Peace; Love and Wisdom always; God Bless

Meaningful; Purposeful & Responsible Actions; Universal Happiness & Wisdom Respectfully

What we do for others comes back to us; What we think for others, comes back to us manifold; Always praying for the Universal Happiness is the correct way; God Bless

Children Respectfully

We are the humble childrenn of God; God Bless

Follow Respectfully

We humbly abide and follow God; always following in God’s footsteps; God Bless

Trust Respectfully

Trust in God always and faith in ourselves always; God Bless

Glory Respectfully

We always give the credit to God for providing us with this humble knowledge; with these humble lips that we are able to sing God’s glory; God Bless

Abilities Respectfully

We always thank God for this ability to think and so many more priceless and treasured of abilities; absolutely wonderful and we remain utmost thankful to God in each and every moment; God Bless

Write; Thoughts & Expressions Respectfully

We always thank God for this ability to write – to express our thoughts and sing the glory of God; and so much truly so much more that we are very most humbled ; God Bless

Gifts & Gifts Galore; Abundance of Gifts in each and every Moment Respectfully

We always thank God for each and every aspect of this wonderful gifts of gifts; this wonderful life that God has provided us; always and always; thanks to God; God Bless

Panorama; Human Evolution; Cosmic Evolution Respectfully

We thank God for the panorama of the human and cosmic evolution; God Bless

Infinitude Respectfully

God is Infinite; ; God Bless

Centuries Respectfully

God is always there from Centuries; always; God will always be there; always even when we complete our sojourn on this earthly realm; God Bless

God knows Respectfully

God knows everything; always God truly knows each and everything; God Bless

Happy Respectfully

We are always Happy and Thankful to God for the Love; Light and Wisdom; God’s Blessings and so many more wonderful aspects of life; we are always utmost thankful to God always; God Bless

Reflecting Respectfully

God leads the way; we humbly and devotionally follow; God Bless

Goodness Respectfully

We are indeed very most fortunate to be able to time and again reflect upon so much goodness of life and appreciate it; God Bless

Providence of God; Healing & Miracles Respectfully

Miracles in life are the providence of God; we are truly the very most fortunate always; God Bless

Prayers; Time and Again Respectfully

Whenever we pray, we should always seek to pray for Universal Goodness; Happiness; Peace; Love; Development & Wisdom; always pray goodness and happiness for one and all; Happiness for all people; all across the World always; God Bless

Encompass Respectfully

Our prayers should encompass thoughts that dwell upon prevalence of Universal Peace, Love, Respect; Happiness; Economic Development & Stability; always the very Best for the Universe always; God Bless

Worlds Happiness Respectfully

When the World is Happy, we are all Happy; In one another’s Happiness is our true Prosperity, Development and Greatest Happiness ; God Bless

Love for God Respectfully

Love for God is forever, God is our savior; God Bless

Unconditional Love Respectfully

When we know God’s will, we experience unconditional love; where there is love and happiness for one and all; God Bless

Pride; Gratitude Respectfully

We are all the Children or God and are proud, thankful, grateful and appreciative to be abiding by God’s will; God Bless

Love Respectfully

Where there is Love, there is Life; Where there is Life; there is God; Hope; Inspiration; Love and Wisdom; God Bless

God’s Providence Respectfully

Seeking Faith, Hope, Wisdom & Courage; God is always providing us; God’s providence always prevails; God Bless

Awakened Heart; Intellect; Mind & Soul Respectfully

With a truly awakened heart we can listen to God; God is always watching us; listening to us; God is always mindful and knows each and everything always; God Bless

Meaningful; Peaceful Coexistence; Meaningfulness; Purposefulness & Responsibilities Respectfully

We have to think what we can do for God; How we can honor him; How we can live a Life of Purpose; of Meaningful Values; Values based Principles; God Bless

Time & Again Respectfully

And to ensure that each and every form of expressions; thoughts; words – whether spoken or written and actions; all need to be Meaningful; Purposeful and Responsible always; God Bless

Duties; Agendas; Assignments; Obligations; Responsibilities Respectfully

Keep thanking God always and always attending to our respective duties; agendas; assignments;obligations; duties – meaningfully, purposefully, responsibly and sincerely please; God Bless

Grateful Respectfully

We always praise God; Always thank God; We are always grateful to God; God Bless

Greatness Respectfully

God’s presence, God’s manifestations are God’s own plan; God is Magnificence; God is Splendid; God is Wonderful; God is Truth; God is Love; God Bless

All belongs to God Respectfully

Whatever is; is all God’s and will always be God’s; God Bless

Love & Truth Respectfully

Like Love is experienced in the heart; so is God’s presence experienced as well; God is Love; God is the Truth; God Bless

Vision Respectfully

We thank God for always filling the World with a Vision of Universal Appreciation; Admiration; Hope; Love; Peace; Welfare; Development; Stability; Prosperity; Progress & Wisdom always; utmost thankful to God always; God Bless

True Selves Respectfully

We should know our true selves before we can seek to know God; to discover our inner truth; God Bless

Omnipresent Respectfully

God is Omnipresent; God is Omnipotent; God is Omniscient; God is the Truth; God is Wisdom; God is infinite; God is Pure; God Bless

Appearances Respectfully

God appears in different forms; God shines as the Soul in different bodies; God makes every form that God creates to shine forth with God’s divine illusion; God Bless

Attributes Respectfully

The attributes of God are so many wonderful known aspects that even every word that is spoken about the greatness of God cannot be humbly expressed in these few words alone; God Bless

Greatness Respectfully

The greatness of God is beyond any compare and any description; God Bless

Centuries Respectfully

God is Great and God’s greatness is known to be continuous spanning Centuries and Centuries with the very greatest Glory and Pride; God Bless

Lifetime to Lifetimes; God’s greatness is Magnificent; God is Wonderful Respectfully

Even if we were to sing from one lifetime to several lifetimes; yet we would not be able to fully describe the greatness and magnificence of God; God is Wonderful; God Bless

God’s Greatness Transcends; Greater than the Greatest; Incomparable Respectfully

God’s greatness is immense and profound; it is beyond any comparison; it is absolute magnificence; it is always the very greatest; transcending everything; God Bless

Knowledge & Wisdom Respectfully

God is the embodiment of Knowledge and Wisdom; God Bless

Creation Respectfully

God manages the creation without having any physical form; God is Pure; God Bless

Guidance Respectfully

God is always near all of us and guiding us always; God Bless

God’s Wisdom Respectfully

God is always taking care of all of us; the complete Universe is being take care of by God; we are very much thankful always to God for everything; God Bless

Trust & Faithfulness Respectfully

We trust God; we always Trust God and have faith in ourselves; God Bless

Help; Truly Respectfully

As it is said time and again that God helps those who help themselves and others around them selflessly; always ensuring the well being; happiness and goodness of one another to prevail; God Bless

Acknowledge Appreciatively & Gratefully Respectfully

Always thanks to God time and again for such a Wonderful Life; such a Wonderful Universe; such Wonderful People; Such Wonders upon Wonders always; always and always utmost thanks to you God; always; God Bless

Love Respectfully

We always Love God; God Bless

Powerful Respectfully

God is Almighty; God is all powerful;God Bless

Omnipotent Respectfully

God is Omnipotent; Omnipresent & Omniscient; God Bless

Responsible Respectfully

God is responsible for the evolution; creation; maintenance and dissolution of the Universe; everything in this Universe is always in God’s control; in God’s hands; God Bless

Prelude Respectfully

The above few words humbly expressing the greatness of God are a very brief prelude; since the greatness of God cannot be described in these few words alone; God Bless

God’s Greatness Respectfully

God’s greatness is the very Greatest; beyond any compare; beyond any description; God is Great; God is graceful;God is always good; God is the divine essence; God Bless

Let go; Surrender ourselves to God Respectfully

To let go gracefully; Let us surrender ourselves to God; God Bless

Trust in God Respectfully

Trust in God always and Faith in ourselves always; God Bless

Keep Discovering Your True Nature Your True Self Love & Light God Bless, Vashi Ram Chandi

True Nature – True Selves – Respectfully

The art of living inspires us to discover, recognize and experience our True Nature; our True Selves; God Bless

Higher Consciousness – Respectfully

Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – our higher consciousness; be more aware and conscious; God Bless

Intuition – Respectfully

Let us seek to develop our intuition; Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life; Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul; God Bless

God Bless – Respectfully

May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Awareness, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


Copyright ©2010 Vashi Ram Chandi

All Rights Reserved


This article is being expressed in good faith; with sincere and meaningful intentions; but devoid of any kind ; type of responsibilities; representation or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the details featured herewith

Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed regarding any omissions; errors or consequences that may arise as a result of preview; dissemination or propagation in any format whatsoever

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