Presidential Anniversary Commemoration – President Barack Obama’s Presidency – Respectfully

Presidential Anniversary Commemoration – President Barack Obama’s Presidency – Respectfully

President of the United States of America

President Barack H. Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington D.C.


Dear Mr President,

Congratulations, God Bless

January 20 2010 marks the completion of your first year in office

We admirably reflect upon your tenure with profound pride and respect and wish you well always

May God always bless you and your initiatives with great success; encompassing each and every step with a vision that is filled with wisdom and proud accomplishments of empowering meaningful values based principles consistently

The greatness of the American Nation and the admirable spirit of the American People is a matter of great pride and inspiration for all of us

We wish you milestones of meaningful accomplishments that each establish proud legacies of phenomenal characteristics of their own incredible statures respectively; thereby proving that with a vision of faith; hope; love; trust; inspiration;foresight; wisdom and God’s grace; every challenge can be transformed into potential enterprising opportunities of tremendous exceptional value beyond values that are truly incomparable and radiate their impressively outstanding greatness respectively

It is the treasured vision; the amazing good wishes of millions of People all across the World that are all praying and wishing you a world of success and goodness always; When the World is Wishing together; the wishes seek to manifest amazingly; When the World is Happy we are all happy; In one another’s happiness is our true prosperity, development and greatest happiness

America loves you; The World loves you; We all love you and support you and wish you well always; God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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