Chile Earthquake – Prayers & Thoughts

Chile Earthquake – Prayers & Thoughts

We are all Praying; Peace, Light, Hope, Love & Courage; God Bless

Chile – Devastating Earthquake – Prayers

Chile has been struck by an extremely powerful earthquake on Saturday morning;; the extent of the damage caused is profoundly challenging


We are extremely concerned at this very most shocking tragedy of epic proportions; there are no words to express the anguish and shock


We are all praying to God to provide those who have been unfortunate victims of this devastating earthquake to be provided with the courage and a vision of hope along with the endurance – the immense strength to support one another; inspire one another to safeguard and re build their precious lives

Profoundly Concerned

We can understand how extremely challenging the time they are currently facing and would wish to reach across to them and humbly appeal to them with our sincere few humble words


Please have courage, Faith in Yourselves and Trust in God please; We are all praying for you all


Words completely fail to come forth and our heart grieves for the loss of the victims of this terrible tragedy; all of us are praying; our thoughts are with you; peace, light, hope, love and courage please


We are deeply saddened and share your pain and it is with sadness in our hearts that these these few words are being written expressing our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences


Our prayers and thoughts reach out those who have lost their loved ones; our sympathies and condolences; May Gods Blessings give them the strength to overcome this enormous challenge courageously


Let us all join together, expressing our sincere thoughts of support and strength for the emergency services – rescue teams and volunteers who are helping with the relief efforts

We are Praying; Peace, Light, Hope, Love & Courage; God Bless

Courage, Hope, Peace, Light, Love and Wisdom

God Bless,


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