Manila Tragedy – Hong Kong, We Are With You – Thoughts & Prayers

Manila Tragedy – Hong Kong, We Are With You – Thoughts & Prayers

We pray to God to provide the Families, Relatives and Friends of the unfortunate victims of this extremely tragic incident to be provided with the courage and endurance to support one another at this extremely crucial time

We deeply mourn and share their immense pain; it is with sadness in our hearts that these these few words are being written expressing our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences

Our hearts grieve for their loss; Words fail to come forth – there are truly no words to express the anguish and shock; It is extremely challenging and we would wish to reach across and express our sincere few humble words

Please have Courage; Prayers & Thoughts – We are all Praying; Peace, Light, Hope, Love & Courage

Let us all join together to pray for the departed Souls who are suddenly no longer amongst us and have been snatched away very most tragically; May their Souls rest in peace


©2010 Vashi Ram Chandi