Chile Miners; Prayers, Sincere Thoughts & Good Wishes; God Bless

Chile Miners; Prayers, Sincere Thoughts & Good Wishes; God Bless

The miners who are unfortunately trapped in the mine in San Jose in Chile are facing an enormously challenging task in each and every day; God Bless

They are holding onto the virtue of hope in their minds and hearts; Their Families and People all across the World are very most anxiously and eagerly awaiting their successful rescue very soonest possible; God Bless

It is considered that when the World prays together, the wishes seek to manifest amazingly; God Bless

Let us pray for the miners to be healthy, enthusiastic, hopeful, have well being, inspire one another, energetic and be blessed with a vision of wisdom and strength that is ever enduring to support their respective thoughts, actions and expressions during this challenging ordeal that they are facing; God Bless

Our message to the miners is, Be strong, have faith; While every effort and initiatives is – are being taken to intensify and accelerate the rescue efforts, please remember that we all love you and our thoughts, good wishes and prayers are with you always; God Bless

These humble words are seeking to inspire you to kindly let the intuitiveness in each and everyone of you guide your thoughts, actions and expressions

Understandably, at this moment; more than words, the need for actual results relating to the progress of the successful rescue is ever demanding;; yet these words that are being expressed are the prayers where each and every word is a supplication full of good wishes and prayers for expediting the respective initiatives and efforts being taken

We pray to Mother Earth, The Environment and God to provide you with enduring strength to manage and overcome this challenging situation soon; God Bless

Please believe in yourselves, You are all having within yourselves the treasure of treasures which is the precious treasure of Courage, Faith, Hope and Wisdom,; God Bless

People all across the World are looking forward to seeing you reunited together with your Families very soonest possible; Please be Strong, Courageous and Wise; Have Faith; God Bless

Please remember every moment is another precious moment of hope that is seeking to bring along with it tremendous possibilities and wonderfulness of life ahead; Be Strong, God Bless

Please remember the miracles of life are the living in courage, faith, hope and wisdom; God Bless

Courage, Hope, Endurance, Strength, Love, Light and Wisdom, God Bless

God Bless,


©2010 Vashi Ram Chandi

One thought on “Chile Miners; Prayers, Sincere Thoughts & Good Wishes; God Bless

  1. My Father was an underground coal miner for 42 years. I went into the mine with him and certainly understand what these men have experienced. During my Dad’s career, our family went through many ordeals concerning mining accidents. I wish each of these miners and their families my very best wish es and prayers and I am just so happy that they are being extracted as I write this message. I am sure that my Dad’s spirit and strength is with each miner today.

    Sincerely, Tom R. Mraule
    Montrose, Colorado


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