Milk Over Meat? How Come? Where Is Compassion Please? Respectfully

Milk Over Meat? How Come? Where Is Compassion Please? Respectfully

Milk Over Meat

Very most lamentably with profound shock, the practice of indiscriminate slaughter of baby calves is being permitted; this is literally baby calves who are barely a few weeks or months old who are cherishing their lives and are then being cruelly butchered because they are seeking milk from their Mother Cows

Rightful Dependence

Alas what could those particular dairy farmers engaging in any such shocking activities ever gain by the barely little more sale of milk that they snatch away? from the baby calves by desperately slaughtering the baby calves solely because the baby calves would be seeking their rightful dependence; namely milk from their Mother Cows

Terribly Shocking

This is terribly shocking and indescribable but the agony that the baby calves have to go through is appealing for mercy; for compassion please

Where Is Compassion Please?

When will the awareness and conscience of individuals engaging in such despicable actions awaken please?

Compassion, Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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