The Chart Of The Heart – Respectfully

The Chart Of The Heart – Respectfully


The chart refers to the characteristics


Once we truly understand the characteristics of our heart, we would be amazed to perceive the incredible functions of the mind of our hearts and the hearts of our mind respectively; it is the heart


The heart seeks pure energy


The power of our thoughts is amazing – our thoughts are channelizing a phenomenal capacity of energy – the evolution of the energetic patterns encompassed within our thoughts is phenomenal – it cannot be gauged but its actions and expressions have lead to amazing conceptualizations and discoveries that are infinitely advancing towards seeking to establish a platform – a vantage – a plateau from which the source, reason and objective of the thought process and its aims could be better understood

– this process is infinitely traversing with an accelerating velocity that is unmatchable which inspire us to understand and seek to allocate the pure energy to our heart that it truly seeks and deserves please


If we were to carefully deliberate – contemplate and reflect upon the enormity – the magnitude that our thought patterns affect our heart patterns, we would be overwhelmed and experience speechlessness


Kindly do not underestimate the power of thoughts please; we should seek to practice righteousness in our thoughts, actions and expressions; be true to our purposeful living and values


We might be engrossed and captivated by the index of the various charts; for example, the score chart, the stock market chart, the agenda and assignments charts, the goal chart, the regimen chart, the discipline chart and so many more charts understandably


There may be various aspects of life with their respective charts seeking our importance in attendance – prioritization which demands our alertness, awareness, diligence, prudence, responsibilities and wisdom oriented approach

Heart Chart

However, with all due respect to the various charts including the heart chart, the profound importance of the heart chart has its own paramount importance that supersedes some of the other charts considerably please


One may say, when time comes, we will see! And when the time comes, yet again, when the time comes again, we will see since now we are very busy and do not have any time for philosophical, spiritual or jut casual – eloquent talk


Well, the time comes and goes, repeatedly beseeching and imploring; humbly reminding us to carefully allocate certain time towards reflecting upon the importance that we are allocating to our respective schedules – whereby we are adopting and pursuing a disciplined approach where it relates to the thoughts process – the consumption of nutritious and balanced foods \

  • the observance of an adequate and healthy life style that includes moderate exercise, walks, physical activity as permissible, possible but not strenuous or stress oriented – as well as so many other related aspects which we might be aware of
  • but may seek to simply defer – postpone – just because in the priority list the other charts are more lucrative or demanding tremendous attention and having their consternating imagined ramifications and repercussions which in real might be more imaginary oriented where it relates to the critical angle and partially looming as consternating – but well, who will explain this to ourselves better than our true selves – our true nature please?


Many instances, examples, incidents, occurrences, hearsay and aspects might keep on emerging in one form and time or another but they cannot be waived off casually or just put off ignorantly – negligently since at times what we might consider as the least important could one day grow in its capacity to become extremely far more important than we could ever imagine please


Please do not remain ignorant or in delusion, kindly be aware and alert, diligent and prudent – seek to prioritize and allocate adequate importance and attentiveness to the various aspects of life such as the heart chart its well deserved time, attention and importance also please – this is a humble and sincere request please – God Bless

Keep Discovering Your True Nature Your True Self Love, Light and Wisdom; God Bless, Vashi Ram Chandi


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – our higher consciousness; be more aware and conscious – God Bless


Let us seek to develop our intuition; Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life; Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul – God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, joy, prosperity, progress and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


Copyright ©2010 Vashi Ram Chandi

All Rights Reserved


This article is being expressed in good faith; with sincere and meaningful intentions; but devoid of any kind; type of responsibilities- representation or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the details featured herewith

Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed regarding any omissions- errors or consequences that may arise as a result of preview; dissemination or propagation in any format whatsoever

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