Know Thing – Now Think – Respectfully

Know Thing – Now Think – Respectfully


We came to this World with the know thing – whenever anyone might say that we came with nothing and will go with nothing – well, think again, we came with the capital of our karmic deeds and further keep replenishing the reservoir of the karmic bank and facing consequences right in this very Universe – we sow what we reap – what goes around, comes around


We depart from this Worldly realm after responsibly completing our earthly sojourn with this know thing – so it never nothing – it is the know thing – being aware of the tremendous wealth of endowments – our amazing intellectual faculties and the finest of characteristics that seek to reflect themselves throughout our life resplendently while seeking to ensure their appropriate noteworthiness consistently prevails regarding the goodwill of the Universe infinitely


The know thing is the knowledge in the now – the now in the knowledge – the present moment that is truly incredible


It is this awareness relating to our purposeful living


The constancy of purpose and its evolutionary adaptation and integration is incredible


Life represents living in the now; being aware of our thoughts, actions and expressions


We did not not – knot come to the Universe without a purpose


The purpose is to seek to discover, recognize and experience our True Self – our True Nature – of being true to our purpose and values infinitely

God Bless, Love, Light and Wisdom, Vashi

Copyright ©2011 Vashi Ram Chandi All Rights Reserved

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