Cosmic Grace – You Cause Miracles Gratefully – Respectfully

Cosmic Grace – You Cause Miracles Gratefully – Respectfully


Let us seek to unite together as One for the Universe always


Let us seek to discover, recognize, realize and experience our True Self – our True Nature


Let us seek to permit the splendor of the magnificent cosmic grace that shines forth in our lives illuminate the Universe with peace, goodwill, happiness, harmony and joy – remember, we are humbly reflecting the cosmic grace so by permitting, we are actually facilitating its amazing graciousness to keep shining forth its glory splendidly


Let us realize that each one of us amazingly create and recreate – experience miracles in our daily life through the benediction of this cosmic grace that is – has and will always be with us infinitely – however – we need to be we – the true we – you need to be you – the true you to manifest the incredible creative magnificence of wonderfulness that belongs to the goodwill of the Universe infinitely


Your attitude of gratitude encompasses within it an incredible power of realization that transcends all intellectual horizons ever explored – Let us seek to be grateful for the precious endowments of treasured intellectual faculties we have been gifted with amazingly


You are the miracle – your cosmic grace that glows as it flows is your primordial heritage – you cause because you are the cause – this is the law of consequence that applies itself impartially – think again – you cause miracles with your gracefulness – your gratefulness for the goodwill of the Universe infinitely


Let us seek to ensure that we are able to let our light – the cosmic grace shine through and radiate the hallmarks of magnificence in living a purposeful life – embracing the completeness of our life by being true to our nature, purpose, principles and values


Be True to your Purpose and Values


God Bless, Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2011 Vashi Ram Chandi All Rights Reserved

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