Belong to Your Self – Your Self Be-Longs To You – Respectfully

Belong to Your Self – Your Self Be-Longs To You – Respectfully

The World seeks your thine – To grow in awareness, grace and wisdom – You belong to your True Self – True Nature

The World speaks your time – To realize the value of time and values – We belong to the Truth – We belong to True Value

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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Sources – Resources – Market – Mark-iT – Remark-iT – Respectfully

Sources – Resources – Market – Mark-iT – Remark-iT – Respectfully


We source – resource our needs that are being instrumentally driven by market factors


When we mark iT- re mark iT – market – re market – we would be following the similar approach and practice of the source to resource process – which could become a habitual process and way of thinking and responding


The above meaning is seeking to imply that the global tendency is following a reflex course of action and reaction since decades – but this does keep reminding the need for heightened sens of alertness – awareness – due diligence and immense responsibilities that keep increasing continually


It would be essentially depending upon a uniformal and disciplined approach of investing our precious time, energy and resources wisely

Core Strengths

The choice becomes ours – whether to seek to improve on our practice of being innovative – of marking it – remarking it – marketing – re marketing and identifying our strengths and capabilities resourcefully


We empower our visionary approach by becoming aware of our resourcefulness – our mark-iTfulness – our re mark-iTfulness – while ensuring that we observe and comply with the respective protocols, etiquette and regulations governing international trade development enthusiastically and enterprisingly


Let us seek to be alert, attentive, aware, conscious and diligent regarding our initiatives and ensure that they are working towards contributing to the global goodwill and harmonious trade orientation process intuitively and ingeniously


Words of our World – World of our Words – this represents the words that others speak to one another as well as the words the we articulate within ourselves


Words represent an immense power – once spoken they cannot be retrieved – Words uttered represent commitments that we make with others and ourselves – Words can create an incredible difference in the process of how we think, act and respond


The essence of the above is consistently seeking to humbly inspire one another to identify, discover and capitalize on our strengths – our specialization – thereby providing and empowering our awareness of the pioneering foresight we behold amazingly


This way by each being aware of our unique talents and creative brilliance, we would be complimenting the global trade platform meritoriously on the basis of our inheritance of amazing characteristic excellence of virtues that are already encompassed very much within each and every one of us respectively


We are awakening to our potential – becoming aware that we are all intended to serve a greater purpose – play instrumental roles that encompasses the global goodwill consistently


The above is not just about talking or expressing certain points of views that might be orchestrated and oriented – it is about iT – every bit of our initiatives count and matter incredibly provided they are seeking to focus and energize – contribute towards greater global goodwill and harmony – everything has its iT – what are we doing about the iT – little by little – the iT becomes further strengthened to become the intention and then onwards the intentionality – this is the intensity – the practice – the focus – it is the foundation of tremendous innovations – channelizing global trade ingeniously


There might be phenomenal variants – turbulence and unanticipated emergent challenges that might surreptitiously seek to shake the very pillars of stability that were very most carefully constructed but the specialization – the admirable spirit of each and every person coming together towards contributing their expertise relating to universal progress and sustainability could help alleviate and heal – as well as strengthen the barriers to effectively face and overcome the impending crises – challenges with resourceful effectiveness


Let us seek to keep working towards greater global goodwill and harmony – trade development –

sustained success and progress related initiatives attentively and responsibly


We mark-iT – We re-markiT – In the process of marking and remarking iT – What we mark is what we remark – this is the report card that is reflecting our sustainable progress chart since there is much more to iT than just mark-iT or re-markiT – this is marking – aiming high – aiming better – intuitively seeking to specialize and recognize our potential strengths and capabilities – our resourcefulness ingeniously – the marking becomes the accountability – the iT becomes our intuitive thoughtful approach towards each and every aspect with meaningfulness, responsibility and wisdom

Best Wishes,

Vashi Ram Chandi

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Directors – Direct-Oars – Respectfully

Directors – Direct-Oars – Respectfully


We are the directors of our life – living respectively


The ocean of our life – living has equipped us with the graceful capabilities and foresight to navigate – steer the oars intuitively – as we row, so shall we grow in grace and wisdom

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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