Choose To Cry – Cry To Choose – The Joy Is To Choose Purposeful Living With Conscious Awareness – God Bless – Respectfully

Choose To Cry – Cry To Choose – The Joy Is To Choose Purposeful Living With Conscious Awareness – God Bless –  Respectfully

The above is humbly seeking to refer to the process of awakening to our true purpose and values since if we are faced – phased with various instances that might be seeking to be overbearing – immensely challenging – insurmountable – overwhelming – depending upon the particular scenario or circumstances – if we may be equipped with the choice to opt for pursuance of a purposeful living with conscious awareness – then this would be the preferable and prudent choice

Because otherwise, if we were to cry and wail – lament and keep regretting and repeating our regrets very most vehemently – the energy that we would be investing or exuding – expressing would be reaching across and causing – having a tremendous impact on our surroundings – thereby compounding the actual magnitude of the instance that initially began – emerged and the sought to extensively  accelerate its momentum with profound intensity because of either ignorance or the wave of sympathy that might have been expressed – here the sympathy is not relating to grief – it is to be noted – the sympathy here is the act of expressing one’s goodwill and good wishes for one another – it is inspiring and motivational- the World expects us to be brave – to get up and stand on our feet and live purposefully with conscious awareness and not to disdainfully break down and give up – never give up – life is extremely precious and there is nothing that can replace life – nothing at all please – which is why time and again, please kindly seek to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness, with due diligence and prudence – ensuring explicit  observance of the protocols – laws, rules and regulations governing nature, national and international jurisdictions consistently – God Bless

Where the act of crying might relate to grief being expressed – a sentimental outburst and other such related instances – then there are no words to say since this is something that one just cannot ever comment upon because it is the very most challenging periods when going through the particular periods of sorrow or having lost a loved one – there is – are absolutely no comments – one is left speechless

So the above few words that related to cry were seeking to refer to the act of crying and creating attention oriented gestures – lamenting when actually nothing is actually as wrong as it might be appearing since things could get better when one were to responsibly embark upon instituting the approach of imbuing – adhering to a purposeful living with conscious awareness please

Life inspires us to be True to our Purpose and Values – God Bless


Copyright ©2011 Vashi Ram Chandi All Rights Reserved

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