Earth Day – 22 April 2011 – Global Ecological Conservancy – Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Resourcefulness – God Bless – Respectfully

Earth Day – 22 April 2011 – Global Ecological Conservancy – Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Resourcefulness – God Bless – Respectfully

Earth Day – Earth Stay – Earth Say – Earth Save – Be The Earth – BEarth The Being – Being The BEarthing – Being The Breathing – Breathing The Earth In Each & Every Precious Moment Amazingly – God Bless

Earth Day

22 April 2011 proudly marks the admirable resourceful participation empowered by the energetic harmonious attitude-goodwill of millions of people globally – coming together in the spirit of humanity-universality to celebrate the Forty First Earth Day respectively


Truly speaking Earth Day seeks to empowers the present in the future – as well as the future in the present remarkably


This is an cooperative endeavor that seeks to reflect the the creative brilliance and admirable spirit of millions of people all across the Universe expressing their goodwill spontaneously


Their erstwhile contributions is-are represented selflessly – where every thought, action and expression seeks to compliment the evolutionary process of life characteristically


This is in turn reciprocated by Mother Nature bestowing back upon people all across the Universe the wonderful gifts of experiencing serenity, peace, calmness and solitude – the prevalence of the harmonious balance prevailing within – as well as all around themselves remarkably


This is giving back to Nature what it gives us abundantly – spontaneous cooperativeness without seeking anything in return – no incentives – no awards – no plaudits – just simple grateful thanks to Mother Nature in the form of celebrating the Earth Day by coming together each and every day – to conservatively safeguard the Earth’s resources with conscious awareness and responsibility


The following are a few of the issues that have been bifurcated into individual columns seeking considerate attention – conscious awareness and purposefully responsible initiatives please


Lets Meet – Meat Less Please – No Indiscriminate Slaughter Of Animals Please

Nature and the Environment are impartial – inspiring us to consistently seek to faithfully work towards establishment of a healthy ecological balance – to seek conservation of our natural resources and to avoid indiscriminate slaughter of animals please


Let the mind of our hearts and the heart of our minds meet each other in the realm of dignified consideration and conscientiousness please – let us seek to humbly awaken the awareness in millions of minds and hearts with the lamp of peace, love and wisdom regarding practice of compassion towards animals please


Let us seek to reach across and humbly appeal and seek for the adoption of the legislation that stipulates – No inhumane treatment of defenseless animals please – No indiscriminate slaughter of animals please


Indeed, let’s meet – meat less – this humbly seeks to spread the message of compassion please


Every living being including animals are rightfully entitled to live please since nature has provided us with so many wonderful nutritional resources that are adequate to provide us with a healthy sustenance without having to seek the exploitation and indiscriminate slaughter of defenseless animals please


Nature is inspiring and encouraging us to practice a few moments of silence everyday and contemplate upon the higher meaningful purpose of life please – to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness please – to be true to our purpose and values in life please – to live a life that encompasses meaningful values based principles as its primordial agenda and time and again practice compassion please

Global Warming / Environmental Awareness


The following are a few suggestions featured with reference to conservative and resourceful energy management methodologies respectively

Identifying sources of renewable energy


Educating – Spreading the message relating to a conservative use of energy


Reliance upon wind turbines


Recycling of waste

Bio Fuels

Bio fuel sources / resources


Hybrid / Electrical powered automobiles


Solar power – Efficient management and resourceful utilization with conscious awareness


Promoting commuting short inter city distances through bicycle usage


Holding periodic interactive – stimulating meetings relating to effective – responsible and sustainable energy conservation initiatives

Hunger & Malnutrition

Food For All

While enjoying each and every precious moment of this truly wonderful life, we should seek to allocate a few moments of our precious thoughts for those who are deprived of adequate basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, water and shelter please


Hunger and malnutrition seriously affects millions of children on an annual basis globally – this is leading to the emergence and persistent life challenging confrontations and complexities that so many children and their respective families have to face on a daily basis


Indeed, at certain places there is enormity of food and water whose value is not truly recognized at all whereas at the very same instance there is severe lack being experienced in several other places with alarming simultaneity


Even imagining this is very most concerning since so many children including infants are being deprived of their very most basic amenities – necessities of life


Tremendous initiatives are being taken globally by numerous organizations – yet despite all the appreciated contributions of millions of people, this critical reality continually prevails – posing very most serious consequences very most challengingly


Let us seek for the intervention – the grace of Nature and the Universe to alleviate and further empower the tremendous initiatives being undertaken by millions of people to alleviate this extremely critical plight effectively – let us send across our sincere prayers and good wishes to all concerned to be equipped with an effective vision for a swift and decisive resolution for alleviating this crucial malady – danger – phenomenal challenge


Even while expressing these few humble words, our fervent appeal urgently seeks to reach across to one and all to reasonably do what they could in their respective capacities please – to reach across to help alleviate – eradicate the critical set of challenges relating to hunger, malnutrition, water and habitation that are representing alarming consequences in the lives of millions of people globally


No Deforestation Please – Trees

The felling of trees – deforestation is positioned at an alarmingly crucial level – the very trees that provide us with an abundance of a life time of resourcefulness might be subject to manipulative eradication which is truly unfair


The resourcefulness of trees has, is and will continue to infinitely prevail however there is an urgent need to carefully understand how we could be able to co create and align our agendas with Nature – permitting evolution to manifest its exuberant magnificence consistently

Countries – Count Trees – Count Thee – Respectfully

In countries, we find count trees – a wealth of trees and thee’s – it is all interconnected – the magnificence of ecological evolution is amazing and seeks our active and conscious aware participation in its sustainability

Consciously – Respectfully

Let us seek to consciously give back – contribute to Nature – to the ecological evolutionary process our very firm and decisive support to the Universe


Resourceful Management

Shared resourceful water management is a meaningful initiative that seeks to reach across to provide a fair and equitable provision – distribution of water to those that might be in dire need of water


The water could be either drinking water – sanitation water – the incredible importance of each form of water is extremely crucial


It is well known that Millions of People have to travel extensively; at times walk for miles to be able to fetch – obtain a bucket full of water to help sustain with their daily needs


Several initiatives are being taken by numerous organizations globally to earnestly reach across and provide the much needed water to those that are in need of it precariously – these noble actions undertaken by the respective organizations is truly commendable


The incredible importance of water must be carefully and considerately understood for the tremendous significance that it truly represents


The belief, the expectation, the cherished hopes, the joint efforts of all Countries all across the World coming together in the spirit of celebrating Earth Day – for Universal Goodwill, Harmony and Sustained Progress of the Universe as One Family is the key factor that leads to greater achievements – exchanging useful information that relates to an resourceful conservation and effective utilization of the Earth’s resources meaningfully and purposefully

Be The Earth – Breathing The Earth In Each & Every Precious Moment Amazingly – God Bless

We are spiritual beings experiencing humanity – the growth in grace and wisdom is our primordial heritage –being the earth – breathing the earth in each and every precious moment magnificently is the compassionate awareness – the process of self realization of awakening to the discovery, recognition, realization and experience of our true essence – our true identity – our true nature – our true self respectively – God Bless


The primordial fulfillment of our life is encompassed in living a purposeful life with conscious awareness – and that while attending to our worldly duties and obligations – responsibilities we have been entrusted with – likewise to consciously remember that we need to attend to our worthy duties as well – which is the characteristical evolution of awakening to our higher selves respectively – the harmonious orientation of experiencing our true conscious awareness, joy, peace, love, light and wisdom – God Bless


One of the main processes of the birth in our soul’s agenda relates to the harmonious embracement and orientation of our true essence – since it is the truthfulness as it is that sets our soul free – the liberation from the bondage of illusion and self imposed ignorance – awakening to our conscious awareness – God Bless


Life is eternal – we are immensely fortunate to be endowed with the ability to express our divine essence – the divine awareness that exemplifies the fact that we are truly embodiments of the very finest characteristics and virtues infinitely – God Bless


The characteristics of the soul are infinity that is representing the effortless dissolution of the ego – whereby one is humbly acknowledging the prevalence of the potential divinity in one another and realizing that after completion of our earthly sojourn we take nothing along nothing with us, but the legacy of our deeds – God Bless


The bearth the being – being the bearthing – be the very breath – being the breathing seeks to humbly reflect the infinite engagement process of our life amazingly – this is the intuitive dialogue – to consciously grow in grace and wisdom – to reach self realization – enlightenment – becoming one with our higher self truly – God Bless


We experience the birth of incredible miracles within our being when we seek to truly understand the profound importance and objective associated with being born in this wonderful Universe

We realize the miracle is we ourselves – henceforth, likewise so is-are each and every form of God’s creations all across the Universe a miracle by themselves as well – the essence of the realization of acknowledging being the earth

– Breathing the earth in each and every precious moment consciously – experiencing the miracle of this truly amazing and wonderful birth – bearth – breath – breathing of incredible miracles within our being is also meaning to resonate its significance where we never seek to discriminate whatsoever

– Since when our birth – our bearth – our every precious breath is providentially a miracle – so is likewise the birth – the bearth – the breath of each and every one – of one and all forms of God’s creations all across our wonderful Universe a miracle as well infinitely – God Bless


We are the living testament to the heritage of humanity when we seek to truly appreciate one another with immense gratitude whilst of course time and again ensuring that we are living our life purposefully with conscious awareness and attending to our respective assignments – agendas – responsibilities with complete awareness, prudence and wisdom

– Understanding that we have come to this Universe with a greater purpose – to seek self realization truly – to identify, discover, recognize, realize and experience our true essence – our true identify – our true nature – our true self

– To truly awaken to ourselves and experience the miracle of our birth within the miracle of living – to truly experience the birth – the bearth – the breath – the breadth of our miracles within the living of the miracle of being born in a miracle – of being a miracle inborn – the joy of our birth – our bearth – our breath is truly a miracle

– The miracle of our birth – bearth – breath is truly the rejoicing of experiencing our miracle of having been born in this wonderful Universe – You are truly the Miracle – We are truly the Miracle – All forms of God’s creations are truly the Miracle of Miracles infinitely – God Bless

Behave Be-Have How We Behave Is How We Be-Have – God Bless, Love, Light & Wisdom, Vashi


The primordial definition of life inspires us to be true to our purpose and values – God Bless


The art of life provides us its amazing foresight to accomplish the visions that belong to the goodwill of the Universe infinitely – God Bless


The art of living inspires us to discover, recognize and experience our True Nature – our True Self – God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom; our higher consciousness – Let us seek to develop our intuition – Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of  life –  Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul – God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of compassion, conscious awareness, conservation, diligence, good health, goodwill, happiness, harmony, joy, meaningfulness, peace, prosperity, progress, prudence, purposefulness, resourcefulness, success, sustainability and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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