Prince William and Catherine Middleton – The Grace In Love — The Love In Grace -The British Royal Wedding 2011 – God Bless – Respectfully

Prince William and Catherine Middleton – The Grace In Love — The Love In Grace – The British Royal Wedding 2011 – God Bless – Respectfully

Reflecting Upon The Matrimonial Values & Characteristical Commitments Towards A Dignified Alignment Embodying The Grace Of A Soulful Union – God Bless


Congratulations and God Bless, Prince William and Catherine Middleton – We would wish to graciously express our good wishes that are wishing you a vision filled with good health, happiness, joy, love, grace and wisdom always, God Bless


Weddings – Marriages represent the soulful union of the grace in love – the love in grace – the grace and love that is the embodiment of finest characteristical values embodied within our being truly – God Bless


Love is the colour of life – Life is the colour of Love – This is filling the colours of life with a vision of grace, goodwill, harmony, hope, love and wisdom infinitely – Where there is love, there is grace – Where there is grace, there is love – God Bless


Love is the grace of life seeking unto us – Life is the grace of love speaking to us amazingly – Grace is inspiring us to truly cherish the true love we are – have and become in each and every moment evolutionarily – Love life – Live love – God Bless


The sanctity of matrimonial values is defined by the cherished characteristical commitment to the grace in love – the love in grace that encompasses the primordial heritage of our lives with amazing symbolism in each and every aspect of its true greatness that is superbly outstanding and infinitely incomparable – Which is why time and again, it has been resonated since time immemorial that – Marriages are Made in Heaven and Celebrated in the Universe Amazingly – God Bless


Each Matrimony – Wedding – Marriage seeks to firmly strengthen the true bond, foundation and amazing alignment of the heart, mind, body and soul – where we come to realize the true love encapsulated in the heart of our mind and the mind of our heart is expressed with graceful eloquence and amazement infinitely- God Bless


It is the awakening akin to the evolution of the lotus that seeks to gracefully bloom and express its divine beauty and characteristical outlook magnificently


The divine embodiments of two souls seeking to characteristically come to-true live together as one – this is symbolizing the victoriousness of life that enchantingly heralds the testimonial validation of life assertively – that when we are truly one with ourselves, we are truly won with ourselves


It is the true celebration of love and grace infinitesimally – truly outstandingly – God Bless – The victory being the elated celebration of grace in love – the love in grace – the discovery, identification, recognition, realization and experience of our true essence – our true identity – our true nature – our true self amazingly – God Bless

Behave Be-Have How We Behave Is How We Be-Have – God Bless, Love, Light & Wisdom, Vashi


The art of life provides us its amazing foresight to accomplish the visions that belong to the goodwill of the Universe infinitely – God Bless


The art of living inspires us to discover, recognize and experience our True Nature – our True Self – God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom; our higher consciousness – Let us seek to develop our intuition – Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of  life –  Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul – God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of compassion, conscious awareness, conservation, diligence, good health, goodwill, happiness, harmony, inspiration, intuition – Intuitive logic, joy, meaningfulness, peace, prosperity, progress, prudence, purposefulness, resourcefulness, success, sustainability and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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