Link In – We Think – We Link – God Bless – Respectfully

Link In – We Think – We Link – God Bless – Respectfully

Link In Our Mind – Mind In Our Link – We Are Linked To The Universe True The Mind Of Our Heart & The Heart Of Our Mind – Joy To The Universe – God Bless


What we link – whether our actions, expressions, habits or thoughts – each tend to have a profound impact on the way we live our lives respectively


Link seeks to refer to associating – bringing together – connecting – joining


The link when by itself – having its own characteristics is an important element in its own stature


The alignment of one link with other links in symphonic harmony orchestrates – leads to the tremendous potential of the amazing combined – consolidated empowerment


This thereby humbly reminds us to ensure that we should seek to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness consistently – seek to practice righteousness and be true to our purpose and values infinitely


The process of the various links joining together might tend to appear as conventional but as their augmented – accelerated velocity and momentum is generated – it may appear to be resonating the intensity of various elements exhibiting amazingly greater strength when brought together – rather than when they were dispersed – scattered or fragmented


This is evoking our awareness to realize and carefully reflect upon the actions, expressions, habits or thoughts that we may be engaging in – practicing whether deliberately or ignorantly – since with the awareness that each link is coming together in its own way and then growing from strength to strength while joining with the other links – it humbly yet again signals its gentle reminder to practice conscious awareness – diligence – prudence and to adopt and pursue a responsible approach towards living our lives respectively


It maybe the seeds of the actions, expressions, habits or thoughts that may have been sown across the landscape of life – perhaps very long ago in time – one may have completely forgotten what seeds may have been planted – but when the moment of harvesting arrives – they may apparently cause either delight or consternation – depending upon the particular set of virtues cultivated – engaged in accordingly


Just pause for a moment and reflect carefully upon the complete journey – the complete process in its totality – that where to where – when to when and how to how come? There may be innumerable queries seeking immediate answers – but when faced with the phases of impending instances – one may be overwhelmed by the incessant avalanche of instances presenting and representing themselves with either well come periodic frequencies or alarming jeopardy


This is perhaps the placement – the engagement in certain actions, expressions, habits or thoughts — at one place in time which could seek to become the won place in time infinitely or the woe place in time ardently seeking respite and immediate resolutions to help alleviate and provide the much needed succor and peace – calmness of being and mind consistently


This is not seeking to alarm or frighten and neither is it seeking to think negatively – but rather humbly seeking to support pursuance of a righteous – pro active – informative approach in living – which is to ensure to live a purposeful live with conscious awareness consistently – to ensure practice of diligence, prudence and responsiblness consistently in each and every moment of life please


It is to be carefully understood that the true richness of life belongs to those who have the true wealth of understanding as well as the true understanding of wealth which is our time – the now in life – this is our time – indeed time is the very most precious asset which represents the commitments we make with ourselves and others respectively – time represents so much more than we could ever express – time encapsulated the commitment to time within thine as well as around thine

– kindly learn to respect and honor the time quotient – time principle whether at home – at school – at college – at work – at meetings – at conventions – always seek to plan ahead with conscious awareness – do not drive rashly or seek to rush through in life just to make appear – pretend to be keeping pace with the process of life

– rather pay careful heed and utmost attention to each and every aspect of life please – every aspect of life especially time is seeking our conscious awareness please – time cannot be spent only in retrospectively reminiscing or in imagination alone please

– each and everyone of us have been entrusted with amazing responsibilities for which we should be immensely grateful and responsible please – time is not an experiment where experiences can be recreated by jeopardizing the scales of time please – life is not a dress rehearsal where the time lost could be recuperated by recreating the identical set of circumstances and expect the lost results to re appear or emerge miraculously please


– time came – time comes and time will keep coming in accordance with its evolutionary pathways and whether we may tend to realize this or not – time will come to pass as well taking along with it much more than we could have ever imagined if we just let it go by idly by ignoring our duties and responsibilities please – then one cannot apologize and plead with time or with nature or with even one’s own self for what one experiences is profound incessant deluge of regretfulness at having let time elapse mindlessly – carelessly – ignorantly and pretentiously

– please kindly and carefully understand the tremendous importance and value of time please – it is more precious than all the wealth one could ever create since if one does not realize the value and intrinsic importance of time – the outstanding value of time – then one is living in one’s own fabricated illusion that things time will wait – that time will await and that time will re appear at one’s behest and whims – no – not at all – time is not at the command of those who seek to dis regard or ignore its importance while it is there with them – those who live their lives purposefully – those who live their lives with conscious awareness and duly realize the incredible value of time diligently, prudently, responsibly and wisely know that the commitment to time is one to be honored faithfully and attend to their respective assignments – agendas – duties – talks and responsibilities with conscious awareness and well in time – and well on time and well with time please – no matter how much ever may be said – mentioned – repeated or appealed to bring forth the attention and value of time – the incredible importance of time – kindly realize – please realize that the time each and every one of us have on our hands and ahead of us represents amongst one of the greatest treasures please – what we do with our time is apparently our look out but this look out will also decide the outlook in a matter of time – within a span of certain time please -God Bless


Joy to the Universe is the envisioning of the true light that represents the amazing radiance – the innate effulgence of the spirit of life orchestrating its alignment with the environment evolutionarily – God Bless


The credentials of nature brilliantly reflect back to humanity the harmonious message that we are won, when we are truly one with our self – God Bless


We are from nature – We form the nature within and around ourselves when we connect with our true nature respectively – The ecological evolution is amazing and seeks our active and aware participation in its sustainability consciously – God Bless


From one link to the other – true yet another keeps on seeking our conscious awareness – our purposeful, diligent, prudent and responsible approach at each and every step in our lives please – we think – we link – God Bless

Keep Discovering Your True Essence True Identity True Nature True Self Love, Light & Wisdom, God Bless, Vashi Ram Chandi


The art of life inspires us to be true to our purpose and values – to live a life of purpose with conscious awareness consistently – God Bless


It empowers us with the capabilities and foresight to achieve the visions that belong to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely – God Bless


The art of living inspires us to identify, discover, recognize, realize and experience our True Essence – True Identity – True Nature – True Self respectively – God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom; our higher consciousness – Let us seek to develop our intuition – God Bless


Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life – Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul – God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, joy and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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