Life Is NOT A Battleground Please – Terrorism – NO More Lives Please – Know More About Life Truly Please – Prayers & Thoughts

Life Is NOT A Battleground Please – Terrorism – NO More Lives Please – Know More About Life Truly Please – Prayers & Thoughts


The bomb blast outside the High Court in Delhi, India is extremely shocking


The brutal snatching of so many precious lives has left us speechless – We cannot find the words to convey the extent of our grief and sincerely express our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims – prayers and thoughts


To those engaging in any kind or type of terrorist activities, please kindly seek to understand the preciousness of life please


Life is loyalty in the faith of living earnestly, evolutionarily and peacefully please


Faith is the trust in the truth of life which engenders belief, compassion, confidence, hope, love, peace, respect, trust, values based principles and wisdom respectively


The miracle of faith empowers the true believer in the truth of life with the grace and greatness of living infinitely


Please seek to know more regarding the truth of life – it relates to practice of non violence in one’s thoughts, actions and expressions with conscious awareness please


Please awaken to your true nature of experiencing care and love for the Universe within you and all around the World please – realize your true nature – your true self – your true identity – your true essence please


We are continually left with profound sadness and innumerable questions which seek to find an peaceful resolution to the very most alarming challenge of the decade – terrorism


Why do innocent people’s precious lives get snatched away due to the heinous actions of terrorists please? Why please? Why does terrorism not realize that life is not a battleground please!


We need the seeds of compassion, goodwill, diligence, harmony, peace, prudence and wisdom to be sown across the landscape of life please

– Nothing is more precious than Life please! Life is the reflective evolution of the divine grace please -Please seek to express your divinity to experience your grace and wisdom please -No more lives please

– Please seek to know more clearly and fairly about the Truth of Life Please – Life begets Life Please – We reap what we sow Please – What we do for others always comes back to us in one way or another – at one lifetime or another – in one form or another – But for sure the accountabilities of life seek explicit accountabilities without imposition of any self created conditionalities please

– Please Safeguard Life Please – Life is Very Much More Precious Than Amy Words – Life is Very Much More Precious Than Any Actions – Life is Very Much More Precious Than Any Cause – Life is Very Much More Precious That Any Realization could ever express or experience Please

– Seek to Live the Life You Were Born To Live Truly Please which is the Life Of Peace – the Life of Truth along with the Life of the Amazing Evolutionary growth in Grace and Wisdom Infinitely Please! Peace, Love, Light and Wisdom,God Bless,


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