Remembering September 11 – Embracing The Remembrance – Thoughts & Prayers

Remembering September 11 – Embracing The Remembrance – Thoughts & Prayers


In memory of the victims who have left us with their poignant memories on this extremely tragic day


Our embrace – speechless words humbly seek to gently reach across the landscape of thought in time – time in thought – standing still in complete respectful silence


May their noble spirit guide us with the foresight to accomplish the visions that belong to the goodwill and harmony of the universe infinitely


While paying our respectful tribute to their respective memories – the Universe stands firmly on a platform of resolute solidarity with a united vision and pledge to defensively promote universal goodwill, harmony, peace and wisdom sustainably


May their memories be a source of comfort, courage, endurance, inspiration, foresight, strength and wisdom to their respective families – as they keep building the empoweringly precious bridges of their admirable lives – to keep carrying forth the respective visions of their loved ones affectionately

Minds & Hearts

They will always remain in our minds and hearts, God Bless

Peace, Love & Light,

God Bless,


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