Will You – God Bless – Respectfully

Will You – God Bless – Respectfully


A lot in life and living depends precariously upon what we do with our will at each and every instance – Whether the choice relates to the action within the moment – momentum or the evolution of our life’s legacy and vision respectively


When we will good – We good will – It is the goodness of our willingness to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness


The indomitable will of the human spirit is truly amazing – In one moment, we will, in one will, we momentize – we monumentalize – It is we in one will – It is will in we one – The divine essence of our will, embracing the completeness of who we truly are


We will our life by reflecting upon its grace – We realize our grace by reflecting upon life’s true will – Life’s primordial will that sustains the vision that belongs to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely


The choice is completely yours – Will you – or – You will – In every choice, you face the phases of your decisions – Kindly understand that you have been endowed – empowered and equipped with the will of your amazing capabilities, foresight and intellectual faculties that earnestly seek to identify, discover, recognize, realize and experience your true essence – your true nature and your true self characteristically

Behave Be-Have How We Behave Is How We Be-Have – God Bless, Love, Light & Wisdom, Vashi


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom; our higher consciousness – Let us seek to develop our intuition – Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life – Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul – God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness and wisdom always – God Bless

God Bless,

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2012 Vashi Chandiramani  All Rights Reserved


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