Question To President Obama – God Bless – Respectfully

Your Interview With The President – A Post-State Of The Union Conversation – January 30, 2012

What would you ask President Obama?

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Dear Mr President,

Great day, Trust all is well. I would wish to humbly submit the following question within the quest in that relates to words – towards – true words – true wards enhancing the scope of the trueness of this magnificent life we have all been endowed with characteristically

Graceful Vision

May the graceful vision of the true governance of life in true living as well as living in the trueness – the truthfulness of life prevail all across the World. Let us seek to be true to our nature as well as nature to our truth

The Truth About Words – The World Is About The Truth – God Bless

The governance,  influence, impact and outcome that truth has on – upon our words as well as words have on our truth is prolific – truly incredible – far greater than we actually realize, foresee or could ever imagine. Where are we heading our life towards please – Through words – True Words – True Wards Please. Are we consciously letting words govern our lives?Through true words – true wards engaged with-within conscious awareness and living a purposeful life responsibly, we are endorsing and inspiring the integrity – the spirit of our life to awaken to our true nature – to our true essence – to our true creativity and magnificence considerably please.

Or are we permitting our life its truth to live by our words please? Towards matters and counts incredibly since this is the evolutionary blossoming of our life and living in a gradual synchronized – well aligned – well intentioned – well meaningful and systematic manner respective.

However, we may seek to look at it, while ambitiously, appreciatively and consciously heading towards the future – true words – true wards the futuristic accomplishments, the considerable influence of true words – true wards reflects the realizationship of a lifetime in each and every precious moment very most characteristically please. We cannot underscore the importance of words casually since it is the very words we live by that could manifest to become the worlds we live by amazingly please, God Bless


My question is very brief and may apparently relate to a divergent range of agendas, aspects and topics objectively


The question is that when we are all moving ahead towards confronting and embracing the challenges whether on a academic, corporate financial, industrial, institutional, personal and professional range of levels – do we ever seek to pause for a few moments in between the commitments that we attend to and visualize that what we have pledged to ourselves and others through words – towards – true words – true wards respectively


We are advancing forward or are we advancing for words. Likewise, are we advancing through words or true words. It is the trueness that is holding the key – the legitimacy of our purposeful living with conscious awareness that could help bring about an revolutionary transformation in the lives of millions of people globally


So could Governments globally come forward – towards – true words in enlightening our brothers and sisters as well as the youth and our future generations regarding the incredible impact that words – towards – true words – the truth about words have on our life and lifetime. We may speak how many ever words and articulate how many ever thoughts about the way things are going on – growing – but how about the glowing on – the amazing initiatives being taken by millions of people whether at the administrative or grass root levels?


Why are certain people able to compliment their lives more better – capably than others please? Is it mainly because of them being true to their nature as well as nature to their truth – Is it about them embracing the completeness of who they truly are – Is it about those respective persons being true to their ideals, purpose, principles, values and vision that is in conformance with National, International and Universal laws, regulations and rules respectively – however where did all this emerge and seek to further evolve and grow in stature significantly is words – from the words onwards to the towards – and thereafter subsequently to the true words – and ultimately the consequential true wards. So in a way a few words could seek to establish their profound impact and bring about considerable changes in the lives of the respective people influenced by the actual meaning of the words;

Hence, the power of words whether in the words that are spoken between people; or the words that are published through the media channels and broadcasted globally or even the words that constitute beliefs; Imagine the empowerment of the legacies unleashed through the conveyance of words – the good words – the good will and the harmony that we all seek earnestly could emerge from well-intentioned and thoughtfully spoken – articulated words. What is/are the words that is/are being communicated to the global audiences please? On any given day, the volume of words communicated are truly incredible and are establishing their phenomenal manifestation whether on the imaginary platforms or in the virtual reality that we experience in each and every moment. How are we poised as we head towards – true words – true wards the prevalent trends of time that keep evolving at a tremendously swift pace that is regulated by an accentuated velocity of achievements – accomplishments – celebrations – events – happenings – observances – remembrance’s – sensationalism and technological developments. Technology could particularly play an instrumental role by integrally motivating and inspiring millions of people especially the youth regarding the tremendous role they could each play in their respective capacities towards – true words – true wards sustaining the vision that belongs to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely.

The reason sensationalism has been deliberately mentioned is because many a time a lot of issues-matters of undue importance might be associated and attributed to aspects that actually do not merit the awareness and publicity the concerned matters might be procuring and other more imperative matters getting shrouded due to ignorance of oversight please. Hence, this is similar to the philosophical adage that resonates – what goes round, comes around – we reap what we sow – If the importance of words and global awareness could be emphatically focused more upon literacy – educational values along with provision of adequate food-nutrition-clean drinking water facilities and management of health and wellness on a greatest priority basis would be immensely appreciated.

On one hand, it is the nourishment of the body and on the other hand it is nourishment of the mind. Are we able to achieve the optimal balance and reach across to those who truly deserve and need this please since with words spoken – it becomes important to carefully understand what is the contexts of the words that is/are being communicated please – Whether they seek to embrace the element of trueness in them since for some of our brothers and sisters, they may have been waiting for a lifetime to hear a few kind words – a few words of consolation – a few words of compassion –  a few words of guidance and wisdom right all along their life – lifetime and a few true sincere words could effectively convey a world of happiness and joy – dispel the layers of ignorance that may have been shrouding certain matters – It is the initiative of seeking to reach across and communicating the words towards the greatness of the world – the true words – the true wards respectively. A few words could create amazing miracles in the life-lifetime of millions of individuals, words matter please – we pay a lot of attention to the progress by reflecting on the pathways towards progress which is fair enough since we have to justify the accountability factors but do we realize that simultaneously we could also seek to integrate the true words and the true wards well within the mainstream of our respective initiatives since truth is our true nature and the truth always triumphs, God Bless

As it is known that words create the worlds that we live in and constitute significant meaning and purpose. Words expressed represent commitments that we make with ourselves and other characteristically. This may relate to the words that we articulate within ourselves or the words we speak to one another as well as the words that we keep coming across in each and every sphere of our lives remarkably. This is where the global media can play an extremely important – pivotal – strategic role in enlightening millions of people regarding their characteristic excellence and truly wonderful contributions they could make towards – true words – true wards global development, goodwill and harmony earnestly.


There is so much that could be encompassed within words that the words empower the very worth they stand for at one time or another so could a greater emphasis be also focused upon cultivating the landscape of establishing a greater understanding amongst people all across the World towards – true words – true wards greatness in prestigious achievements of characteristical meaningfulness and sustainable values ingeniously please


It is with these few humble words that I ardently look forward gratefully towards – true words – true wards another wonderful day which is referred to as today – I call it true day. Every aspect of life is deciphered and interpreted as we perceive it and seek to believe it. I believe the World – the Universe and its People are noble souls who have each come to creatively play their respective roles in their designated capacities characteristically while being inspired by moral values and the morality – the more abilities of this life ingeniously – and most above all of course to commitedly identify, discover, recognize, realize and experience our true identity, our true essence, our true nature and true self amazingly


To summarize the above, it is an humble appeal to You Mr President and the Respective World Leaders to come together in the spirit of Universal Goodwill and Harmony to lead the World towards – true words – true wards the True Will of the Universe respectively, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness and wisdom always – God Bless

God Bless,

Love, Light and Wisdom,

Vashi Chandiramani