The 4S i Found – The 4 A’s Found Within – God Bless – Respectfully

The 4S i Found – The 4 A’s Found Within – Stages – Strategies – Straight Aegis – Advents – Ascensions – Conscious Awareness – God Bless – Respectfully

i Found

i is not the endorsement of a singular entity. rather it is the meritorious grace of our collective consciousness – The one in all – The all in one – Our divine essence is the true creative magnificence, greatness and wonderfulness of our life

The i humbly seeks to refer to the Universal magnificence that dwells – that remains ensconced within each and every one of us amazingly – Our true essence – Our true nature – We are the embodiment of phenomenal discoveries, endowments, experiences and miracles that truly transcend across the hallmarks of time characteristically


The4S humbly seeks to refer to the four stages-strategies of living in our life; where it refers to strategies, this humbly seeks to refer to as follows: Strategies=Straight Aegis

Strategies – Straight Aegis

The definition of aegis seeks to refer to the modernly guided-knowledgeable procedure of doing things; Straight as we all know is the correct – the righteous and true pathways respectively


They are

1. Be Sincere

Being true to our nature, Being nature to our truth

2. Be Serene

The composition of life seeks its calm position – Peace & Joy

3. Be Sensible

To live a purposeful life with conscious awareness – Being Aware

4. Be Succinct

Life understands the simplest of words that are true in meaning – Be committed to the truthfulness of life please

4 A’s

The4 A’s humbly seeks to refer to the four advents-ascensions of life in our living


Advents-Ascensions has been mentioned with utmost respect and reverence. We are spiritual beings experiencing humanity 

Advents We keep advancing in life seeking its true ascension by achieving the evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom aspiringly – We need to realize our divine essence to unleash our creative sparkling luminescent magnificent brilliance consciously

AscensionAscension is the embodiment of the divine essence that gracefully reminds us of our true purposeful living with conscious awareness – Through self realization, we ascent – we elevate – we transform the landscape of our life by embracing the essence of our divine heritage consciously


They are

1. Acceptance

Accept the truthfulness of living as well as the life of truthfulness

2. Awareness

Life is represented by living in the now – Being consciously aware of our thoughts, actions and expressions please – The converse of now=won

3. Accountability

The accountabilities of life are its inherent conditionalities – The conditionalities of living are its innate accountabilities – What goes around, comes around – We reap what we sow

4. Altruism

Altruism is characterized by practice-expression of unconditional compassion, kindness and love for all forms of God’s creation. Seeking to uphold-sustain the vision that belongs to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely

Importance Please – Unconditional Love

As it has been repeatedly resonated that we cannot love others truly unless we first love ourselves truly – Let us seek to embrace the beautifulness, the completeness, the greatness, the gracefulness, the wonderfulness of who we truly are – Let us grow in love with love truly

Remarks – Synopsis

The above is a very brief prelude that seeks to respectfully refer to some of the greatest aspects that we may be aware of but need to be constantly reminded to time and again seek to be true to our nature as well as nature to our truth – We need to essentially identify, discover, recognize, realize and experience our true identity – our true essence – our true nature and our true self to rejoice in the amazing grace of this precious life we have been endowed with characteristically and meritoriously

Behave Be-Have How We Behave Is How We Be-Have – God Bless, Love, Light & Wisdom, Vashi


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom; our higher consciousness – Let us seek to develop our intuition – Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life – Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul – God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness and wisdom always – God Bless

God Bless,

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2012 Vashi Chandiramani  All Rights Reserved

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