Good On You – You Own Goodness – Do It Well – God Bless – Respectfully

Good On You – You Own Goodness – Do It Well –God Bless – Respectfully



When you do well, it is your true will, God Bless


Your will is the goodwill of willing well, God Bless


You are truly well, do it well to your will, God Bless


Life is the goodwill of living true to your will, God Bless


Seek to be true to your nature as well as nature to your truth, God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom; our higher consciousness – Let us seek to develop our intuition – Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life – Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul – God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of grace, goodwill, good health, harmony, happiness, joy, peace, prosperity, prudence and wisdom abundantly – God Bless

God Bless,

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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