Guru Purnima – Teachers Day – Each Day Teaches You Something – Sum Thinking Teaches You Each Way – The True Day – The True Way Of Living – God Bless – Respectfully

Guru Purnima – Teachers Day – Each Day Teaches You Something – Sum Thinking Teaches You Each Way – The True Day – The True Way Of Living – God Bless – Respectfully

Seek True UnderStanding In Your Thoughts Wisely – Speak To-True The Wonders-Standing In Your Thinking Wishfully – Intuitive Reflection – Conceptualizing The Destiny Of The Universe – Universalizing The Concept Of Our Primordial Destinations Amazingly – God Bless


3 July 2012 is being celebrated as Guru Purnima – the translational definition of this represents Guru-Teachers Day respectfully


Guru represents the spiritual guide – teacher


Purnima represents the full moon day


It is a great privilege and honor to reach across and felicitate each and every guru – each and every teacher for their nobility, guidance, grace and wisdom respectively

Guru’s – Teachers

Guru’s – Teachers – to each verse a teacher is the preacher of intellectually brilliant and creative thoughts


Guru’s – Teachers, teach us to reflect and prudently glance upon the brighter, meaningful and responsible aspects – sides – pathways of life – to live our life responsibly and purposefully with conscious awareness


Guru’s – Teachers teach us regarding the awakening of our destinies – bringing us closer to the realization of the potential of goodness that dwells within us for humbly sustaining the creative vision that belongs to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely


Guru’s – Teachers inspire us to realize that we have been bestowed/endowed – equipped with the wealth of goodwill – good will and goodness of the Universe that remains ensconced within our true self – our true nature amazingly


Guru’s – Teachers guide us to earnestly reach across to spread the message of Universal development, goodwill, harmony and welfare consistently


Guru’s – Teachers teach us that with every breath of our thoughts – the breadth of our thoughts should imbue practice of righteousness


Guru’s – Teachers teach us regarding he landscapes of life are filled with an abundance of intellectual wealth – that knowledge is truly an amazing power


Truly elucidating the greatness of gurus – Guru’s – Teachers could not be paraphrased in these humble few words alone since gurus – Guru’s – Teachers are our mentors – our inspiration, our guide, our friend and our candle in the wind – always there; taking remarkable initiatives and efforts to ensure that we are knowledgeably approaching the divergent avenues of life with meaningful awareness, consideration, diligence, prudence and wisdom


Guru’s – Teachers teach us that when we thought we were here – our thoughts true-too were here-hear – intently listening to our intuitive thinking – we think our thoughts, we link our thinking

UnderStanding – Wonders-Standing

Guru’s – Teachers inspire us to seek the true understanding of our life – we will realize with profound amazement the wonders-standing to greet us when we perceive that the richness of life belongs to having the wealth of true understanding – as well as the true understanding of wealth respectively – This the wealth of wealth’s which is the true knowledge of our life in living – which is the true living of our knowledge in life – this apparently means practicing what we preach by being true to our purpose, principles and values consistently – God Bless


With the erstwhile guidance of Guru’s – Teachers, we are able to understand that when we seek to align our destiny in accordance with the principles of the Universe – the Cosmos – we are humbled to realize the proximity of the revelations that are unleashed were-where the Universe – the Cosmos has always been seeking our goodwill – this is the reflection – the mirroring of the true good-will – God Bless


Guru’s – Teachers teach us that we need to faithfully attend to our respective agendas, assignments, duties, obligations and responsibilities whereby the process of pursuance of being true to our life’s ideals, purpose, principles and values has a ripple effect of manifesting the evolutionary magnificence of incredible possibilities in our lives we may never have thought of. God Bless


We humbly salute the Guru’s – the Teachers all across the World for their remarkable initiatives – erstwhile efforts and always wish them to be blessed with the vision of benevolence, conscious awareness, creativeness, contentment, determination, due diligence, discipline, gentleness, goodness, gloriousness, greatness, gracefulness, meritoriousness, righteousness, respectfulness, sincerity, thankfulness, truthfulness, wisdom and wonderfulness of who they truly are, God Bless


The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose with conscious awareness – Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – Our higher consciousness – Let us seek to develop our intuition – Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life – intuition is the wisdom of the Soul – God Bless

God Bless

May the true joy of life, greatness, gracefulness, goodwill and wisdom of living be with you always. May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


Copyright ©2012 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved



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