The Posture – Pause Here/Hear With Our Cell-Mobile Phones – The Level Of Engagement – The Aim Gaugement Of Laying Our True Will – God Bless – Respectfully

The Posture – Pause Here/Hear With Our Cell-Mobile Phones – The Level Of Engagement – The Aim Gaugement Of Laying Our True Will – God Bless – Respectfully

Think About It, Its About Things That May Count & Matter As We Grow – As We Age Please – God Bless


Cell phones – Mobile phones utilization has and continues to keep growing phenomenally which is already well known


Perhaps the awareness regarding the posture to adapt while using the phones might be familiar but taking short breaks – pauses between the respective usages might tend to ease the intensity of the prolonged spans of engagement


It may not dawn or appear to be affecting one another right away but given an incessant period of usage, each person may be able to reach their own perspectives based upon their experiences respectively


Let us take a few moments to understand that why cell phones – mobile phones were initially developed – To be able to primarily communicate with one another essentially – flexibly – and as well as for various other purposes


However, with various innovative developments it has been noticed that cell phones and mobile phones interactiveness has augmented considerably where the attention of the users is prolifically challenged (kindly remember, it is the degree of the attentiveness factor)

Trend Setting

Is this apart from association with essential agendas – assignments leading to incremented usage due to the influence of social platforms or keeping pace with the evolving trends is something that raises concerns when the sum-think reflects upon the impact that all of this is having on one another’s attentiveness

Looking Around

Whether teenagers or adults, glancing around – it is quite apparent that the extent of the cell phones – mobile phones engagement is overtaking the usual or anticipated expectations – where otherwise during the same span of time, other recreational activities focused upon one another’s self development was amongst the prioritized and instrumental objectives

Where Has The Trend-Time Gone?

Can we look upon the evolution of time and say that everything changes with time and so everythink is changing to keep abreast of the rapid developments? But there are certain suggestions we may have heard of time and again which reflect upon the intermittent cessation – Basically this is seeking to pause at various intervals of time, when possible, reasonable and responsible please

Summarization – It Is Our Future

This may perhaps sound as expressing undue concerns and not getting to the point of what it is that is being sought to be conveyed. Well in the context of this limited space, not much can be expressed or specified since it is an extremely sensitive factor and may affect or hurt the sentiments of some people due to them perceiving this as an encroachment on their preferentialities – outlooks – but well none of this-these factors relate to my intentions in anyway whatsoever, I humbly wish to reflect upon two aspects which could possibly relate to our future experiences

Expectations to Our Experiences

What the above mean to specify is that given a certain period of time – say a few years or more – if we were to keep on incessantly and extensively engaging in our cell phones – mobile phones usages without attentiveness or consideration to our “posture” as well as “periodic breaks – pauses of time at reasonable intervals – spaces of time respectively” – then this may perhaps manifest its resultant – outcome at a certain age in our lives when we grow – why so – because we may have overlooked and scorned – ignored the sound advice and suggestions to adapt a healthy and responsible posture right from the beginning – or even in between – and also to reasonably and responsibly use our cell phones and mobile phones with consideration to ourselves. It is not essential that we have to go through the experiences deliberately by blaming the overwhelming demands of our times or the challenging competencies that call for aggressiveness in being diligent and result oriented only – Our health and personal care also matters and merits – deserves attentiveness please – Yet again, time does not herald what is ahead and at times we are caught with the most unexpected set of results but here we know what is being discussed and at stake – that what is being humbly appealed for – it is to take charge and ensure that we adopt – adapt a healthy posture and certainly make sure that we take adequate breaks – spaces of time in between the respective utilization please. It is upto you, you may do as you wish, this is only a kind and gentle reminder, but yet again, please do take care and be considerate to yourself, to your time and to your greatness and gracefulness, God Bless

Avoidance of Responsibility

The above does not mean avoiding one’s responsibilities or refraining from utilization of one’s cell phones and mobile phones – not at all – please do not mis understand what is being stated – it humbly means to be consciously aware when utilizing one’s cell phone ( s ) – mobile phone (s ) – ensuring to pay careful attentiveness to what is there around – making sure that the user of phones is/are engaging in responsible activities and not shifting their attentiveness away since sometimes they maybe at a pedestrian crossing or driving and it is extremely essential to ensure that one’s complete attentiveness and awareness is exercised and prevalent please.

Practicing Conscious Awareness – Be Right Where You Are – Be Aware, Be Responsible Please

Moreover as mentioned above what sets in – whether the habitual tendencies or other aspects that maybe affecting ourselves internally might not be evident right away – but given a few or more years of time with an irresponsible or ignorant posture and incessant usages without providing one’s self with reasonable intervals of time breaks in between might all add up and represent their own set of challenges – it is a matter of time yes that we are answerable to ourselves and others but being responsibly answerable and aware of where we are heading – what we are doing – what we are intending to achieve and being considerate and reasonable are understandable factors as well which may reflect their advantages or disadvantages over a period of time respectively. Please kindly understand – understand – understand and practice kindness and consideration towards yourself and others please – Life is truly amazing, beautiful, creative, great, joyful, magnificent and wonderful and so are you, thank you – God Bless

The Level Of Engagement – The Aim Gaugement Of Laying Our True Will – God Bless

The wealth of our true will – The will of our true wealth is the sustainable vision that belongs to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely – God Bless; The true richness of life belongs to those who have the true will – wealth of understanding and aspiring to sustainably empower their evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom consciouslyGod’s will is Goodwill and Harmony of the Universe infinitely. The indomitable will of the human spirit is truly amazing – The true will and wealth of our life is ensconced within our true essence – true identity – true nature and true self respectively

The True Will & Wealth Of Life Is The Vision That Belongs To The Goodwill & Harmony Of The Universe Infinitely – God Bless

Understand the value of the will of our true wealth as well as the wealth of true will – This is seeking to truly understand the will of understanding the true essence of our completeness – our greatness – our gracefulness – our truthfulness and wonderfulness respectfully.

This awareness relating to the true value in life is strongly sustained by developing a better understanding of our purposeful living with conscious awareness – being true to our life’s ideals – principles – purpose and values diligently, God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – Intuition is our inner guidance, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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