Remembering Dr Verghese Kurien – The Epitome Of Legendary Commitments – Sustainable Welfare Of Millions Of People & Cows – God Bless – Respectfully

Remembering Dr Verghese Kurien – The Epitome Of Legendary Commitments – Sustainable Welfare Of Millions Of People & Cows – God Bless – Respectfully


It is distressing to note that Dr Verghese Kurien is no longer amidst us


He is respectfully called the Milkman of India as well as known as one of the greatest achievers of our time with his accomplishments relating to the milk industry


His remarkable dedication has truly brought him with some of the most notable, distinctive and prestigious commendations which he truly deserves meritoriously


He relentlessly pursued his vision for resolutely channelizing the virtues of belief and hope in the greatness of life gracefully – This inspires us to imbue his greatness and to reflect upon our gracefulness and to embrace the completeness and wonderfulness of who we truly are in living a purposeful life with conscious awareness always, God Bless


Today in spirit he is all the more with us – so much more than words could ever say since he triumphed over life by eternalizing each and every moment of his life with amazing discipline, meticulousness and rejoicefulness respectively


As a mark of love and respect to him, we should seek to Inspire one another to accomplish the respective visions and dreams that belong to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely


The spirit of the Indian Dairy Industry as well as the various Commercial, Industrial and Social sectors in India and all across the World will always salute him for the belief he held in his true nature – his true essence as well as his erstwhile accomplishments for which he will always be remembered with  profound admiration, love and respect, God Bless


He truly well deserves to be called the epitome of legendary commitments since what he started with several decades ago has and continues to proudly sustain the livelihood of millions of people as well as remarkably help with the dignified sustenance of the lives of millions of cows which is an extremely noble and immensely appreciated initiative, God Bless


Let us seek to carry forth the legacy of his vision proudly and honor his greatness by remembering and wishing him peace, joy, love and eternal happiness


Remembering Dr Verghese Kurien with our minds and hearts full of sincere admiration, affection, love and respect – God Bless

Peace, Love, Light and Wisdom,


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