Animals, And In Meals, And It Feels – The Feelings Endure –

Indiscriminate slaughter of animals is extremely unfair.

The pain and suffering – the intensified agony and excruciating pain that they have to go through due to the indiscriminate slaughter is unimaginable.

The feelings that the animals experience during the indiscriminate slaughter process clings on and manifests in its consumption

It might be possible that some persons consuming the above might experience an unusual and unexplained set of feelings mysteriously

Although the above might not sound logical enough but if one were to imagine the state – the condition and the manner in which the animals are indiscriminately slaughtered, their conviction would thus evolve

What have the animals done to merit any indiscriminate slaughter please?

Inflicting pain and agony are not the true characteristics of humanity please. Please be consciously aware and prevent any indiscriminate slaughter please

Kindly practice compassion and be considerate please, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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