Female Foeticide – Infanticide – Abortion – Every Minute Hundreds Of Precious Lives Are BEING Snatched Away – WHY? WHY? WHY Please? NO Gender Discrimination Please

Female Foeticide – Infanticide – Abortion – Every Minute Hundreds Of Precious Lives Are BEING Snatched Away – WHY? WHY? WHY Please? NO Gender Discrimination Please

WHEN Will Some People Realize & Be Conscious, Considerate, Compassionate & Live To Their True Calling – True Nature & True Essence PLEASE


It is believed that every minute hundreds of precious lives are being brutally snatched away due to the sheer ignorance and extremely cruel and unfair decisions of the to be parents of the innocent to be born children simply because it has been determined that the gender of the foetus is a female – Why this very most life challenging gender discrimination please?


Women are the epitome of divinity and embodiment of dignity, grace and wisdom infinitely. Women teach us that the each soul is the proud architect of one another’s lives and to realize that our soul’s characterize the true essence and landscapes of our lives amazingly. History is testament that the dignity of the world belongs to the honor of women consistently


Women represent the wonder of moments as well as the moments of wonderfulness – Without women, our lives would be truly wandering and incomplete – instead of experiencing the wonderfulness in our lives that is always brought by women remarkably

Awaken Please

To those who are not aware and maybe following any such practices kindly realize before it is too late since we are all here in this world because our parents choose to provide us the grace of this wonderful life.

Similarly, it is the legitimate right of the unborn children to be born in this world and experience its wonderfulness. They cannot be aborted simply because of gender discrimination basis please. NO, NO and NEVER, this cannot – can never be the reason or pretext to take the very most life challenging decisions of abortion because of the unborn child being of a female foetus please, please, please and please. Remember, the gift of life is extremely precious and becomes far more precious when this illegitimate practice is abolished – completely stopped please, God Bless,

Compassion, Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2012 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

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