Home for the Aged – The Age of our Home – Supporting our Parents – Parenting our Sow Pathways – God Bless – Respectfully

Home for the Aged – The Age of our Home – Supporting our Parents – Parenting our Sow Pathways – God Bless – Respectfully


We consider it a great privilege to own our own home – However, do we also consider it an extremely great privilege to have our own home with our parents living lovingly with us please – well, for sure it is an extremely great fortune to have one’s parents living with the children and the entire family harmoniously


Supporting our parents is indeed parenting our sow pathways in so many instrumentally remarkable ways than we could ever imagine since through the blessings of our parents conferred upon us we experience that we are able to experience first of all incredible joy, peace and happiness with this prestigious and dignified responsibility – it is our birthright to wonderfully support our parents when they most need us not because we have any ulterior motive or intention for anything else but solely for the love and profound gratitude – earnestly reciprocating all they have done for us all their lives and humbly repaying the same with our token of love and care by gratefully encouraging them to continually stay with us and guide us all along the pathways ahead with ther ever loving affection, guidance and wisdom respectively, God Bless


When referring to this as crucial, in fact it far more greater and potentially signficant than crucial alone since when children are young, parents are always there to provide the much needed helping hand – to teach the children how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to speak, how to observe the various etiquette and protocols governing Nature, the World and the Universe – How to grow in grace and wisdom – how to study and take care of our respective obligations and responsibilities as the children grew up and ever further more – so many remarkable things that children would fall short of words since the magnificence and preciousness of parents is indisputable and truly outstanding – parents have, is and will always be there in their children’s lives to provide the much needed magical guidance and vision wherever it relates to practice or righteousness and fairness – all actions that is/are compliant to the national and international jurisdictions of the World. But how can the children forsake the very same great parents who stood by them faithfully and loyally all their lives – their complete lifetime please?How come please? How???????


Further yet however lamentably in some cases children send their parents to the home for the aged – home for the elderly – old folks home challengingly


This is an extremely shameful practice since parents serve their children all their lifetime earnestly and are then persuaded to reluctantly to live at the home for the aged


The very same homes where the children were brought up with tremendous care, love and thoughtfulness becomes a contentious factor and is given greater importance than parents


All that parents seek is love, respect and nominal sustenance but alas they are evicted under immense duress and pressurization


Parents throughout their lifetime only seek the goodness, the well being of their children and all members of the societies – the communities where they reside as well as the complete Universe respectively

Question Please

Is this asking for too much please? For the much needed support that parents are seeking in their time of need please. Remember to those who it may concern that when the children were youngsters, they were provided with the very best and finest but when their time cam to serve their parents, how could they disclaim and harshly speak and offend their parents suggesting them to move over to stay at the home for the aged please?


To those who may be engaging in any such actions, kindly remember that the Universe keeps a track record and metes – serves – pays us back precisely in the same coin – with almost the identical sets of equations + results + consequences


Just imagine that when we are living in our homes and are then evicted and forcibly ordered to leave, how do we feel? The feelings are very difficult to even imagine, let alone think – Now when it comes to relationship with parents, these are the most sacred of relationships ever and with the children persuading their parents to leave – to opt for living their lives further ahead at the home for the aged, how cruel and challenging this must be is unimaginable – almost completely shocking


When we reflect upon the age of our homes we may tend to proudly exclaim our prestigious accomplishments – our assets and treasures while actually forgetting that the greatest assets, achievements, endowments and priceless treasures are our parents please – Kindly seek to be considerate and provide them with the needful care, love and reliable support always please, thank you very much, God Bless

Let us seek to come together to sustainably empower the vision that belongs to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely – God Bless


The process and progress of life inspires us to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness infinitely, God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – Intuition is our inner guidance, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


Copyright ©2012 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved


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