Feelings – Sinking? Synching? Seek Your True Fulfillment – God Bless

Feelings – Sinking? Synching? Seek Your True Fulfillment – God Bless


At times, the feelings experienced may be extremely intense and overwhelming that one may not know what to do due to the consecutive sequence of immense challenges


No matter what, never give up!


In this world apart from one of the most disheartening feelings caused by the financial competency factor, people are faced with various sorts of challenges and expectations incessantly. There is one important detail that needs to be carefully understood and observed please – never – never and never hate – resent anyone or feel jealous of anyone whether in your thoughts, actions of expressions please, always do and wish well for yourself and others always please, always seek to be consciously aware and be responsible please, God Bless


Kindly remember that the true wealth of life is ensconced within the true will of living and not in the material riches only since some who may not have adequate money to pay off the monthly bills may have some things that those who have all the wealth but don’t have the privilege of enjoying the wealth and caught in greater level of hyper tension, stress and so many more complicating aspects that they may wish to give away their wealth to find the peace of mind – the solace – the tranquility and wonderfulness of life that everyone is truly endowed with but they may feel helplessly lost and confused, not knowing how to change their situations despite having all the resources and wealth at their command – so at times, there are somethings that may appear extremely fascinating from far but when one is facing what one perceived from afar – they may realize that certain things do not appear as they seem and certain things do not seam as they appear – no matter what,  always seek to be appreciative – grateful and be thankful for what you have, for what you are and for what you are truly destined to become which is the most promising human being who supports the sustainable vision that belongs to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely, God Bless


Certain people are able to wisely face and competently manage the respective expectations upon which they are intending to deliver – however some others wonder why they are caught in between – It maybe a matter of perspective and so much more


The grace of life inspires us not to sink deep into our feelings and get caught in the negative dilemma or procrastination – but rather to seek to synchronize + align and attend to one’s respective obligations with due diligence, faith in their true nature and trust in God


Rather than conceding defeat and surrendering and venturing into depression or profound anxiety, seek your true fulfillment which humbly seeks to live with courage, commitment, confidence, hope, sincerity, trust and living a purposeful life with conscious awareness + along with so much more of the greatness and wonderfulness you truly are


Sometimes, it maybe just a little more time before things improve – at some times it may still take more – or much more longer than anticipated – expected, but please always courageously and hopefully hold on truly, responsibly and wisely – but never give up, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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Deers – When Life IS Dear, Why Can’t Life Be Deer’s Too Please? – God Bless

Deers – When Life IS Dear, Why Can’t Life Be Deer’s Too Please? – God Bless


Why are deers still being hunted even nowadays please?


This is a shameful reciprocation of the priceless virtue of life due to some ignorant people who indulge in this sinful action to satisfy their sense of adventure – adventure? Is this called adventure please? Persecuting – Hunting – Mercilessly stalking the deers?


It is well known and by heart that life is dear to one another and the very most precious asset then how can this not be so far deers please?


Why do they have to face such a precarious life please? Whenever humanity has been endowed with life and its priceless virtues, no one has ever asked anything that contradicts life please, so why this distinction is being made with deers please? That they are being made to serve as targets to satisfy the whims and fancies of certain ignorant people please?


This might possibly enrage some people as to why is it being expressed this way and that they have the wealth and means to do as they please but everyone is entitled to express their opinions in a fair and ethical manner and these few words are humbly appealing to those indulging in any such actions to please carefully understand the terrible plight of the deers please – They are struggling to keep pace with every breath of life when being hunted down – Where has life come? Having a deers head adorning their drawing rooms is sheer cowardice since first they need to conquer their denial and ignorance of living the true will of life PLEASE


To those indulging in any of the hunting expeditions of deers or any animals, kindly remember that there is a law governing nature and the universe which is called the law of cause and effect – the law of consequences – the law of karma – the law of sow and reap – the law of what goes around, comes around and so many more laws and regulations that are governing national and international jurisdictions that if ever one may think they are evading, they are only fooling themselves because when the time for paying the price to nature and the universe arrives, then the concerned persons may happen to suddenly suffer from certain illnesses or mishaps and confounding complications all of a sudden unfolding in their lives and then they look upto God and call for help and mercy? – but what about the deers that were being persecuted and were wailing for help please? – help to live – to live – to live please, why did those hunting did not realize that the gift of life is never to be taken away, life is the most precious gift of Godthat everyone has been given and when the deers or any animals are hunted, those engaged in any such sinful and shameful actions are betraying the trust that God has placed in them please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deers truly deserve the opportunity and privilege to live a safe and protected life always PLEASE

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Compassion, Love, Light & Wisdom,


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