Ivory – i Worry – 25,000 Elephants Brutally Killed? WHY do Animals Always Have To Pay The Price Please?

Ivory – i Worry – 25,000 Elephants Brutally Killed? WHY do Animals Always Have To Pay The Price Please?


According to news reports, it is believed that around 25,000 elephants may have been killed (actually slaughtered) during 2011


What is all the more challenging and defeating all initiatives is that this is the highest ever recorded figure of elephants being poached in a single year and this horrendous practice continues unabated


Do those engaging – or those appointing – instigating others to commit such extremely cruel and wicked actions ever have any conscience please? They maybe miles away not realizing what tremendous damage is being caused to the trust that God placed upon humanity


These disgustingly horrible actions are extremely deplorable and unfair practices since to achieve gain – profit or for other purposes the extremely cruel individuals are slaughtering the elephants mercilessly without realizing even for a single moment that what they are doing is liable for prosecution in a higher court and judiciary governed by the laws of nature – they need to remember that the laws of nature also called the law of karma – the law of cause and effect – the law of consequences begets and makes those committing any sinful actions to pay an enormous price with their agitated selves embroiled and caught up with amongst some of the most miserable conditions in their lives – they appeal for help and cry out aloud but did they ever hear or realize the extremely life challenging plight of the harmless elephants please? What goes around, comes around – They reap what they sow, which is hatred multiplied plied several times over and over with various diseases – complications and extremely fragile health and unbelievable conditions. This is not a mystery or an prediction – neither is it an forecast or any imaginary tale but the reality since persecuting any form of life is completely against the laws of nature and the Universe please!


The cruel individuals – the hunters as well as those appointing them whether directly or indirectly set off a loop – a chain of actions+reactions where they eventually become plagued with various problems – complexities and contradictions in their lives. They become profound apologetic and sorry, calling upon God, calling upon every form of nature and the universe to help them but to no avail since once they kill the elephants, the apparently incur the wrath and intense agony upon themselves as well and sadly they realize this when they are in the middle of the most challenging phases of their lives, struggling to keep pace with each breath of air. Their lives become a set of probabilities and anxiety where they call upon everyone else to come forward and help them without realizing that it is their nefarious set of actions that leads to all the greatest challenges and complexities in their lives


When will these cruel individuals ever awaken and realize that they are engaging in the very most sinful of actions as well as snatching away a part of our heritages. Elephants truly deserve the rights to live amongst their own without the fear of persecution – without any fear of being hunted repeatedly. When will there be stricter laws and legislation s that could help severely punish and restrict any such activities please? If so many precious lives have been brutally snatched away, what is being done to safeguard and provide adequate protection and safety t the remaining herds of elephants please. Why do the elephants have to pay such an extremely phenomenal price with their lives please?


When any of these cruel individuals may experience pain in their teeth, they may tend to feel sorry for their own selves but when it concerns elephants they mercilessly slaughter them mainly for the ivory – do they not realize that the elephants merit a much fairer treatment, rpotection and not any such brutality please, this is extremely contradictory to all forms and laws of nature and the Universe.. What type of humanity is this please? Can this ever be defined or referred to as humanity please? NO, Never since it is an extremely brutal set of actions that relate to any such practice please – Life is a precious gift that all of us have been endowed – bestowed with to ensure fairness and absolute ethical treatment of any of the animals please – the animals cannot speak but they experience tremendous pain, hardships and sufferings please, kindly be more compassionate, considerate and conscious of your actions as well as your thoughts and expressions please

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Compassion, Love, Light & Wisdom,


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