Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Anger+Hatred = Cancer?- Release the Anger Before the Anger Re-leases You – God Bless – Respectfully

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Anger+Hatred = Cancer?- Release the Anger Before the Anger Re-leases You – God Bless – Respectfully


While respectfully acknowledging the incredible+remarkable initiatives of millions of people all across the world relating to breast cancer awareness, I would wish to humbly reflect upon one of cancer’s probable? possible? one of the likely factors? as follows please. This is not a confirmed research – study – analysis or a surety but for sure anger and hatred are amongst some of the most depleting factors please


According to certain analysis, it is believed that suppressed anger could lead to cancer. Now whether the anger which is expressed or suppressed is leading to cancer cannot be precisely determined but the overall impact reflects that anger and hatred could possibly lead to cancer.


Do you think it is ever worth entertaining anger along with hatred to nurture cancer (cancer cells) please? Never, it is definitely not. (kindly remember this is a belief and there is no concrete evidence as such – but who would seek to refute any such beliefs or claims? since anger along with hatred / resentment are malicious virtues for sure, so why cause one’s own self extreme stress and anguish please?)


Please carefully understand and kindly do not reach your own conclusions or let the above few words cause any form or type of panic whatsoever since the above is being expressed in good faith and with the sole intention of reflecting upon one of the probable+possible causes of cancer. Such matters do not seek experimentation or provision of legitimate proof to actually believe since we may have noticed that when enraged and furious, the person expressing the anger may not be aware that they could react so unusually – so extraordinarily – so abnormally – so challengingly – but well, when the anger is released and the person realizes it was them, it is quite a huge challenge to make amends or to undo what has been negligently committed please


If I may be permitted to repeat the above paragraph, it would read as – “Release anger before anger realizes it is You – Realize you – the true you before releasing your anger”. Take stock of the situation – take control – be in command and charge of your emotions please. Kindly do not let the situation or conditions intensify and friction to further develop please. Be calm, Be peaceful, Be consciously aware of your thoughts, actions and expressions please, God Bless



Could anger possibly anchor itself? Then with hatred pitching in alongside with anger, what could this possibly be doing to one another’s  immune deficiency system as well as one’s cells and body structure please? It might possibly be almost impossible to actually ascertain-verify precisely the impact that anger and hatred must be having upon one another’s health please, it is certainly wiser to adopt and pursue the prevention is better than cure approach please. Seek to carefully understand and respond as calmly and rationally as possibly please, do not get incessantly angry or harbor hatred please. Kindly seek to forgive and be contented, responsible and true to your nature as well as nature to your truth please. Think carefully please and kindly understand please that is it worth accumulating anger and hatred please and that whether it has been scientifically proven or not – whether anger and hatred are influential factors – reasons or not – since cancer or any disease could represent significant challenges in one another’s lives please. It is definitely not worth to harbor grudges – anger and hatred – jealousy or other harmful vices+habits please. Please kindly take good, conscious and responsible care always please, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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