Bear Bile! Go Herbal NOT Her+Bile Please – Respectfully

Bear Bile! Go Herbal NOT Her+Bile Please – Respectfully

Why Do Bears Have To Continually Bear Brutality Please? Practice Compassion Please


The extremely cruel bear bile extraction process is intensifying alarmingly


It is believed that the bear bile is being utilized in the manufacture of certain cosmetics, medicines and toothpastes? How could the anguish of the bears ever alleviate please?


Permitting the bears to undergo immense cruelty and extremely inhumane hardships just because they cannot speak or defend themselves is the greatest ever act of cowardice, condemnation and shamefulness ever!!!!!!!!


How could such brutal and barbaric actions ever take place? and continue without being restricted – stopped completely please?


Herbal ingredients represent a more fairer choice instead of bear bile please! Kindly note that we are not here to endorse or promote the herbal industry but are here to completely defend the bears for sure since they truly and very most certainly deserve all the care, compassion, support and protection always please.


The bears have been living their lives peacefully until getting unfortunately caught in this treacherous trap of the bile extraction. Humbly praying for greater compassion to prevail please. If the herbal ingredients can help resolve this profoundly challenging predicament and shocking practice of bear bile extraction, then greater responsible steps need to be taken to carefully sustain and strengthen any such initiatives please since any initiatives that could help the bears to be saved from this life challenging plight are very most sincerely appreciated please


A mother bear when carrying her baby and being suspended? hanged upside down to facilitate the bile extraction process?


This is the most shocking plight ever since there appears to be no consideration given to the bears whether they are in any state or condition whatsoever – What could be more cruel than this please?!


The bears have to silently endure tremendous pain and suffering to satisfy the selfish motives of the wrongdoers of such despicable actions, but why is this being allowed please? WHY Please???????


These very most shameful persons may be unknowingly engaging in some of the most unthoughtful actions and practices ever known to humankind


It is to be noted and carefully understood that the captioned title does not seek to discriminate between the genders of the bears since whether a female or a male bear – they are both experiencing tremendously agonizing pain and intense suffering – especially with the mother bears when they are having their babies and are made to undergo + pass through such brutal and treacherous set of experiences – it is really unimaginable and challenging to understand as to how those engaging in any such actions could ever commit such cruel actions after all??????????? What could be more heart wrenching and overwhelming than this please? This is absolutely unethical, unfair and very most unbelievable and NEEDS to be completely stopped please – NO more bear bile extraction please!!!!!!!


When will the perpetrators of such horribly unfair actions ever realize their wrongdoing and make amends please?


They need to remember that compassion is the true nature of humanity please, God Bless

Compassion, Love, Light & Wisdom,


Copyright ©2012 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

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