Animals Soles – Souls – Compassion, Peace, Love & Light – God Bless

Animals Soles – Souls – Compassion, Peace, Love & Light – God Bless

Animals walk across the landscape of their lives barefoot, without a single complaint

Animals experience tremendous anguish, pain and suffering due to indiscriminate slaughter

The captioned has been particularly titled as featured because whether it is the animals soles or souls, they have to endure and go through enormous challenges

Their souls are made to transcend hastily even though they may be yearning to live more longer, alas if only greater compassion could prevail

Their bodies have to endure immense hardship and unfortunately experience brutal treatment due to the sheer ignorance of certain selfish individuals

What we can humbly do is pray and send across our healing prayers and thoughts to them – to help them transcend towards experiencing their divine essence respectively

We may engage in appealing and protesting – campaigning and calling upon a cessation to brutal and unethical treatment of animals but let us also kindly remember to gently send across our goodwill and harmoniousness in the form of serene and peaceful thoughts and prayers as well please, thank you very much, God Bless

Compassion, Peace, Love, Light & Wisdom,


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