Fur, What For? Being Skinned Alive?

Fur, What For? Being Skinned Alive?


It is extremely deplorable and utterly shameful that millions of animals are being skinned alive for their fur


Skinned alive because it is believed the skinning procedure is facilitated more easily when the animal is conscious


The animals are treated brutally – clubbed – beaten – thrown around and abused horrifically – all being done principally to ensure the animals are able to provide the least resistance and help the skinning process – this is extremely brutal and inhumane!


Neither nature or the universe has taught us to deprive of their legitimate rights to live a peaceful life and to look away while knowing they are being challengingly abused repeatedly


Just imagine the individuals wearing the fur coats feeling the warmth – not knowing how cruelly their garments have evolved? It is embodying the intense agony and unbelievable shock waves of the humble animals that are subject to tremendous torture, all being done by the fur farms for gain


What do the fur farms eventually gain please? When will they ever realize that any such actions are sending across far greater pain and suffering – agony – misery to millions of other animals horrifically watching this abuse as well as to humanity that hears and witnesses some of these repulsive scenes and are shocked beyond belief


Please, Please and Please have a heart and be conscious of your actions that are challenging the hallmarks of every form of legitimacy, norms, etiquette, rules and regulations – skinning the helpless animals is not humanity, it is absolute barbarism and shameful brutalization – sheer horror and progressing unabated while it is already known that there are suitable alternatives for fur which do not involve or is/are associated with animals – so then why is/are such initiatives not being supported please? Patrice compassion please, God Bless

Compassion, Love, Light & Wisdom,


Copyright ©2012 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved


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