Touch, Feelings, Healing – The Distance? It’s This Stance – Our Attitude Please

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Within our true touch remains ensconced the miracle of healing ourselves amazingly


What’s a feeling? What are feelings please? One of the definitions of feelings constitutes the incredible virtue of healing – This refers to mental, physical and spiritual feelings experienced which may have a significant impact right across our lifetime respectively


Feelings are considerable catalysts for instituting profound changes in our lives please – True feelings precipitate an enormous transformation within us and are an inherent part of us infinitely


It’s true that when we experience certain feelings – How we feel – How it feels at certain moments can never be forgotten

Healing – Its Divine Grace

At certain instances, if we are overwhelmed by circumstances and situations that are beyond our control, it is our true feelings that seek to emerge and inspire us to recuperate and be hale and healthy again – For this for sure, we may attribute it to the divine intervention and gracefulness of God, thank you dear God, we love you always and are grateful to be your children


It may begin with a single thought – emotion and then augments incessantly to build into an avalanche of feelings that could either encompass what we feel or what we actually will? Here comes the incredible virtue of the indomitable of human will power as well – Its our attitude please, kindly seek to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness – Being consciously aware of our thoughts, actions and feelings with responsible consistency


Understandably at various instances, life might represent phenomenal challenges and incidents where we cannot control the state – the expression of our feelings of despair, grief and sadness or even if may be anger? But it is to carefully remembered that we need to remain in charge and control of ourselves and remain hopeful whilst attending to the respective agendas, assignments, duties, responsibilities and tasks entrusted upon us with complete faithfulness and commitment please


Some people may state what and why is this so – That even here the need for maintaining allegiance towards one’s responsibilities – Well, we are all interconnected and what we think, feel and do can affect us and others considerably so we cannot just go and let go because we feel in one way or another and then realize later on that it was due to sheer ignorance – negligence – At so many instances, we may be responsible for overlooking various tasks that ordain and compulsorily demand our unstinting commitment and attentiveness – One slight mistake or deviation from the norms and procedures could tend to cause and have a profound impact on us and others please, so kindly do not let feeling intervene and take charge, rather, pray to God for calmness, sanity, guidance and wisdom to help be in control and command of the respective situations maturely, responsibly and wisely please


Healing is a noble action which is a process of communicating with one’s own true self amazingly – experiencing one’s true nature and one’s true essence respectively – Healing is represented by one of its inherent attributes which is feeling; It is considered that feeling is one of the instrumental processes of healing – It is the feeling of good health and wellness experienced from within one’s own trueself – The wonderful and inspirational thoughts of compassion, diligence, joy, happiness, peace and wisdom as well as observance of thoughtfully attending to what one is consuming whether physically or mentally please – Not ignorantly reflecting on something else while having some think else please – It may start with one thing and land up with several other thinks please? Be consciously aware please (here and everywhere time and again, it is to be carefully remembered that we need to faithfully attend to our respective agendas, assignments, duties, tasks and responsibilities since every aspect of our life influences and impacts the other segments of ours and others lives considerably please)


Practicing compassion is an amazing experience – Thinking and doing well for one’s self and others truly brings about an evolutionary change all around remarkably – Along with this is the act of practicing forgiveness and expressing unconditional love and gratitude for one’s self and others always – Expressing sincere thanks to one’s trueselves and others as well as God

Release; Re-Lease

Healing being partly the process of releasing the negative energies (this refers to the complete and total release of the negative energies, feelings and tendencies please and not re-lease since re lease means to re hire) Trust in God always and have Faith in your trueselves – your true nature – your true essence – your true identity – You are truly graceful and divine, God Bless


Starting with the touch where we truly appreciate ourselves and are utmost grateful and responsible for all that we have, will have and will impart – Impart yes since what we sow, so shall we reap – what goes around, comes around, what we do for others comes back to us in one way or another, at one time or another, in one form or another – but for sure the law of karma – the law of consequentiality – the laws of nature serve us precisely with the same-similar set of circumstances and conditions that we put others through please – So kindly be considerate, compassionate and truly responsible towards yourselves and others always please, thanks, God Bless

Distance – This Stance – Synopsis

This humbly seeks to refer to so many things – sow many thinks – we have so much so very close to us and then keep going all across the Universe in search of something – some think else? We are truly right where we are supposed to be, let us be consciously aware and serve ourselves and others with true care, discipline, diligence, righteousness and sincerity. The distance – this stance seeks to refer considerably to our attitudes please – Time and again, in innumerable instances it might apparently become our attitude that is playing a significant role to reckon what we bring through eventually through our responses accordingly – What we bring true in our lives – Manifesting innumerable instances without actual conscious awareness that we have precipitated and influenced an significant range of imperative factors consequently.


When the a lot actually became the allot – the allotment – the allocation of our feelings in such an way that might become considerably challenging to determine and understand since being in the midst of complexities – one may find it difficult to actually reflect back upon the seeds that were sown across the landscape of life very long ago (this maybe harboring feelings over an extremely long period of time without being consciously aware or realizing what one is actually engaging in and with please)


There is truly so much that could be expounded upon where it relates to the touch – the touching – the feeling – the feelings – the healing – but here it is not about the volume of what is expressed rather it is the value – the values and the essence of what it is importantly referring to incessantly – this is the vital factor governing so many aspects and facets of our lives than we could ever imagine – “This is – Our Attitude” please. The symphony of the Cosmos orchestrates the incredible importance of alignment – of becoming one with the divinity within us – expressing our divinity, experiencing our grace and wisdom amazingly – being true to our nature as well as nature to the truthfulness of our life and living with conscious awareness a purposeful and responsible life infinitely, God Bless


Let us come together to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill and harmony of the Universe infinitely, God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – Intuition is our inner guidance, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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