Nirbhaya – Silence, Prayers & Thoughts

Nirbhaya – Silence, Prayers & Thoughts


We are confronting one of the very most tragic moments ever known to humankind. Today one of our sisters Nirbhaya is sadly no longer amidst us due to the very most heinously brutal assault inflicted upon her by six inhumane individuals. Millions of thoughts have come to a complete standstill – paralyzed in so many ways since the conscience of humanity has been very most harshly jolted and shattered with this terribly barbaric attack.


Rape has caused profound damage, fear, humiliation, sorrow and tragedy in the lives of victims and their families and taken away their liberty of living a dignified, harmonious and peaceful life. Here, we are extremely shocked and in a perpetual state of disbelief and horrified – We have been completely baffled as to how could human behavior ever manifest in such an very most extremely cruel and shocking way? We have not been able to find any words to say ever since this very most heinous crime occurred on 16 December. It is so much of a shock that nothing could ever be able to describe or express the intense sadness being experienced.


The complete World stands by the 23rd year old New Delhi Woman – Nirbhaya’s Family at this challengingly grief stricken moment. We pray to God to provide them with the courage, endurance and strength to support one another at this extremely crucial time. It is an very most irreparable loss where we humbly pray and express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of our beloved sister Nirbhaya.


Nirbhaya, you are in our prayers and thoughts. Peace, Love and Light, God Bless