Born to our Being – Becoming our True Birth

Born to our Being – Becoming our True Birth


We are born to our being, who we truly are.


Let us experience our true birth by embracing our true nature – our true essence.


We are celestial beings of light filled with pure divine energy.


Expressing our divinity helps us to experience our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Compassion, Love, Light & Wisdom,


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From the No to the Know, Its the KW – Youngsters & Teenagers – Journey & Destination – Its Living Our Values, Value Our Living Truly

From the No to the Know, Its the KW – Youngsters & Teenagers – Journey & Destination – Its Living Our Values, Value Our Living Truly


Sometimes, youngsters and teenagers think they know everything about life? It is inspiring to note their confidence, enthusiastic perspective and passion. What do they know about No please?


Without knowing, they may keep paying more attentiveness to + being committed to paying most of their precious time to social engagements rather than enriching their intellectual wealth of knowledge which is truly priceless.


Please understand that is not complaining or reflecting badly upon anyone or reprimanding or pointing fingers, no, not at all. It is humbly seeking to come to the point right away and then it is at the discretion of those who it may concern respectively.


Lets come straight to the point. When some of the youngsters and teenagers may have spent a major part of their lives taking it easy – meaning, by deliberately neglecting and repeatedly ignoring their responsibility related to studies, they thereby may face insurmountable challenges once they grow elder and then they wish they had taken those precious moments of their lives more seriously, but alas, once time gone, it takes far much more away with it than one could ever imagine please.


Summarizing the above, as it is very well known that knowledge is power and those who are well educated and brilliant + creative are continually honored and cherished – they are sought after always, paid and rewarded + awarded some of the greatest prices and accorded value upon values that no wealth could ever buy, most of all they themselves experience a great sense of elation, delightfulness and enjoyment in their lives at being able to constructively + meaningfully + purposefully contribute to the Universe and keep their evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom incrementing amazingly.


Some youngsters and teenagers may argue or just say chill – take a break – what’s up? why all this fuss about the importance of education? Well, they are the very same individuals who may realize for themselves what they let go even after so many humble and inspiring reminders from their parents, society, teachers and the universe, that knowledge is power.

Journey? Be Consciously Aware & Diligent Please

They may say enjoy the journey, the joy will help reach the destination? This is just wishful thinking when spoken here since to enjoy the journey one needs to be resourceful and contribute to the society, earn a decent living and then be able to sustain one’s ownself, family as well as to the society and the universe please. Remember, everything is not necessarily just join + enjoy – keeping pace with the evolving trends maybe cool but after a while, when the time comes to face the realities and responsibilities of life, it may become far too cool, so much so that it may be freezing please? Why not take the right decisions and make wise choices in allocating a fair share of time towards your studies as well as recreation.

Balanced & Responsible Approach Please

By all means, you can engage with the social interaction but with a balanced approach, keeping a careful and diligent watch on time as well as timing on the watchfulness please. This humbly means do not get so engrossed when on the smartphones or electronic devices that you forget where you are please. If you are studying, study truly. If you are having your meals, then nourish your body truly please. If you are with your Family, then nourish your mind truly by engaging in a healthy interactive conversation rather than multi tasking by having the smartphone in one hand + watching the television as well and then exercising as well and then listening to music as well? Whatever it is, whateever it maybe, always seek to be committed and consciously aware of where you are, of what you are doing, of what is expected of you since at times responsibilities have been conferred on your shoulders, well – faithfully abide by and serve your respective commitments truly. Be where you truly are and do not just pretend to be where you are while seeking to be elsewhere actually – since for example if you are driving and then are engaging in a conversation on any social platform and are diverting your attention away from your driving more to the social platform conversation, you might be putting your and others lives in danger and at stake please – Likewise, whatever you may be doing, do it truly and consciously and not just for the sake of doing please since otherwise this would be like stretching your attentiveness far beyond its reasonable capacities and capabilities, please take a break since life inspires us to always live a purposeful life with compassion, conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom and encouraging us to let go – to forgive – never to carry or experience any resentment towards oneself or anyone else please, life is far more precious than all the resentments please. Also life encourages us to let go of our anger, bitterness hatred, jealousy and to cultivate the seeds of duty, obeisance towards our parents and a sense of responsibilities towards what we have been ordained to follow diligently and with complete discipline and accountability please.


The K W is seek to refer to the kilo watts – well it is a symbolic reference actually since the power of our minds is truly incredible and can transform the landscapes of our lives remarkably once we are truly determined and seek to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely. We have come to this Universe to play our roles responsibly and to ensure that we are resourcefully utilizing our time and committing to uphold and faithfully nurture the greatness, gracefulness and wonderfulness of who we truly are since we are the embodiment of some of the very most fascinating characteristical virtues and need to be enormously and immensely grateful to God, to Mother Nature, to the Universe for all that was, all that is and all that will ever be by being true to our nature as well as nature to the truth of living our values since living our values represents the true value of our living a balanced, joyful, harmonious and peaceful life infinitely, God Bless.


Youngsters and teenagers are the ambassadors of the future, they have been given the tremendous responsibilities to carry on their shoulders the legacies of priceless expectations whose value cannot be merely defined in these few humble words please. We need to respect and understand the ambitions and admirable resolve of our youngsters and teenagers while they are also humbly requested to help discuss, come forward spontaneously and faithfully to see how we all could create a better, harmonious and peaceful Universe that is reflecting the greatness of who we truly are please. We may argue, debate and have different opinions but at the end of each and every priceless moment, kindly remember the Universe is precious and so are you, please take care, be consciously aware and be well + do well for you are the goodwill of wellness infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Compassion, Love, Light & Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved