People Deliver? Their Liver? Just Imagine The Enormous Pressure, For Delivering What? Achieving An Award, A Reward or An Due Worth? No, Not Fair At All

People Deliver? Their Liver? Just Imagine The Enormous Pressure, For Delivering What? Achieving An Award, A Reward or An Due Worth? No, Not Fair At All


Before venturing any further, the captioned title does not literally mean the action of delivering – deliverance or imposition – rather it is how gradually over a period of time acquiring certain habitual tendencies and irregularities and an undisciplined approach towards living could matter and affect considerably –  an individual may ignorantly and negligently tend to in the long run hurt one’s ownself and others at not having taking adequate care earlier on in life as well as deliberately carrying enormously heavy weights whether during work or engaging in competitions or training one’s physique or otherwise – and more challengingly the burdens of anxieties and hyper tensions – resentments, anger, bitterness, jealousies, enviousness, suppression of one’s emotions and feelings incessantly, when knowing what they were doing could lead to something unimaginable and affect – influence their healt and well being perhaps – yet they kept going ahead ignorantly and carelessly, seeking to cast aside all warnings and alarms regretfully?


In some other instances, upon professional legitimately qualified medical advice, certain individuals may tend to donate a part of their liver to their near and dear ones – relatives – friends and others in desperate need of liver transplantation. They become the angels in the lives of the recipients for truly they are undertaking a noble initiative of sustaining another precious life’s sacred right to live gloriously in this wonderful Universe healthily and joyfully, truly nothing compares to life, life is absolutely magnificent and extremely precious.

Never Sell Your Liver – NEVER

There is only one word of advice which is NEVER, NEVER and NEVER ever sell your liver since it is completely illegal and the liver is an extremely essential and vital organ for your healthy living please. Words cannot describe or explain the incredible importance and significance of each and every organ that we have please. Our organs are priceless and are NOT for sale please. We are the caretakers of our organs and have been entrusted this sacred responsibility of nurturing them with profound care, compassion, conscious awareness, diligence, dignity, love, respect, sincerity and responsibility please. Also kindly and carefully remember, there are somethings that money could never buy and your good health and wellness if one of them please, never barter or exchange your wellness and goodness for calamities or take any steps that may jeopardize or cause any risks to yourself and others please.


People deliver enormous pressure to their liver either through carrying extremely heavy weights, or enormous hyper tension, through excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, obesity – fatty liver or ingestion of illicit substances and the challenging negative tendencies associated with harboring anger, bitterness, envy, hatred, jealousy, resentment and suppression of their emotions and other similar range of unexplainable causes and factors respectively. How far can the above be true? Time will tell but definitely not worth incurring since we wish for one and all to be healthy, wealthy and happy always, God Bless.


The questions come forth whether some of us are deliberately adding on? incrementing and causing so many complexities in our lives ignorantly and negligently please? Sometimes, some of us may know somethings and still think that one more glass of alcohol, one more cigarette, one more binge of over eating – careless indulgence in any endeavor whether relating to eating or otherwise – or other irregular and undisciplined habits could probably not affect? or actually affect and tremendously effect and cause a ripple – crescendo of effects – reaching and affecting us so intensively that we may not even be aware of anything at all -all in the silence, the intensification of somethings we may not be aware about? It does not have to be the above only, it could be something else but who knows what? It could be the smallest or the most simplest of things and the most harmless and negligent of things that could probably little by little keep building up and incrementing – and then what? Nothing can be taken for granted especially our health and wellness – our well being please. We need to be consciously aware and live a purposeful life with due diligence, prudence, sincerity and responsibility please, nothing is too small or too large to be disregarded or scorned upon please.


Whether participating in a contest or seeking to train for a tournament or athletic championship or for that matter anything else, could carrying all the enormous weights actually help in one’s lifetime please? What happens within is a big question mark since over a period of time, gradual affect and impact ensues and then what to do, an individual may rush in a state of panic upon realization of what has been discovered and plead – appeal for healing and miraculous cures but then at so many a times, the individuals intuition may have been alerting them about the need for precaution and they sought to overlook all the warning signs and dangers please?


Agreed that each individual may claim that their organs belong to them and how can anyone else tend to reprimand, chide or suggest anything to them – but what if the respective suggestions are for their own goodness and wellness please?


They may carry all the resentment and grudges and indulge in splurging extravagantly upon ingesting enormously fatty foods that are conflicting – the heavy diets that are not nutritious at all or suitable for themselves as well as the indiscriminate – excessively over consumption of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes? Where is and could all of this lead to please? Is just the present moment’s consumption and satisfaction everything please? Does good health and wellness mean or signify any importance please?For sure good health and wellness are paramount but what steps are being consciously taken to safeguard one’s health and wellness please?


There maybe multitude of things or thinks, each playing a significant role and influencing an individual’s health significantly and by the time they actually realize, alas, it maybe too very late? Really hope not, sincerely hoping they will seek to pro actively and preventively adopt and pursue a healthy and nutritious lifestyle, seek to take rest on time and keep one’s self relaxed and calm, practice compassion and forgiveness, letting go off any anger, rage, hatred, envy, bitterness, resentment as well as avoiding suppression of one’s emotions please.


The point of this articles is not intending to attack or defame or cast a wrong opinion on any aspect or to accuse anything but humbly seeking to appeal and reach across to one another to please kindly do what you do in balance, in moderation – do not excessively indulge in somethings that they tend to hurt you or others please since for some of us, one person is the sole breadwinner of the Family and then God forbid if anything happens to that one individual, the complete Family is helplessly left stranded and in a state of shock and sheer sorrow – they cannot afford to even remotely think of any tragedy or any such circumstances – situations and scenarios due to the sheer weight of their commitments, obligations, overheads and responsibilities – they may be having to pay so much at each instance and earning so meager – barely enough to survive each month – just breaking through, from hand to mouth, barely surviving and they cannot afford to be onslaught with any such calamities please. Leave alone that or anything else, no one whosoever, whatsoever, howsoever wishes to be afflicted with any diseases please. So then why deliberately deliver pain, pressure, suffering and enormous challenges upon one’s ownself and others please?


Whatever you do, remember it is your choice and you remain liable for your thoughts, actions and expressions. The consequences will ultimately seek accountability and so many things in life are truly precious and so are you and others as well please, kindly take care, be consciously aware, diligent, prudent, responsible, sincere and wise please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Peace, Love and Light,

Compassion, Dignity, Respect, Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Eternal Life, Prayers and Thoughts For the Deceased – Departed Souls – Peace, Love & Light

Eternal Life, Prayers and Thoughts For the Deceased – Departed Souls – Peace, Love & Light


With all due respect to all the deceased and departed souls, may they experience eternal bliss, joy, contentment, happiness, harmony, love, and peace infinitely, God Bless.


Prayers are all they humbly seek to usher them towards becoming one with the divine light. It is utterance of one word – peace, but this is a complete world by itself from infinity to eternity for them, God Bless.


They earnestly seek forgiveness for all that ever evolved and keep migrating from one realm to another with one quest, to be liberated since in the state they are – they cannot do any of these actions – they have transcended far beyond, but we could pray for them and humbly help release them.


They know not any emotions, have no bitter feelings, harbor no grudges and are completely far beyond any realization – to them all that they continually seek is to be one with the divine consciousness. It is a matter of them raising their energies, their higher consciousness but alas they have moved far away from that ability and need prayers to help reveal their true light to them with a single prayer, peace, peace and peace, God Bless.


There is no engagement with them at all, no name, no caste, no categorization, no distinction, no faith, no religion, no code or any special verses or deviation or mis interpretation at all – the souls are pure humbly seeking the gift of prayers of peace, to help liberate them – it is a dignified and respectful prayer encompassing the pure intent of goodness + goodwill – which is a beacon of guidance and good tiding to them forever – the wish being peace, wishing them peace, that is all – just pureness and light, that is all. Each prayer by prayer can remarkably help millions of souls transcend and merge with the amazing supreme consciousness, God Bless.


All that they seek is prayers to help them realize their primordial aspirations of oneness with the divinity they cherish but are unable to merge with unless others pray for their liberation, God Bless.


Even if we humbly utter the words, peace or may their souls rest in peace – this utterance by itself could provide them with the much needed freedom and relief to progress ahead on their sojourn towards the eternal realm infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Peace, Love and Light,

Compassion, Dignity, Respect and Wisdom,


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Calm Down, Calm Thou In – From Anger to Cancer? The From To The Form? Formation? Its A Big IF But For Sure Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Calm Down, Calm Thou In – From Anger to Cancer? The From To The Form? Formation? Its A Big IF But For Sure Prevention Is Better Than Cure


Anger – rage is one of the most challenging of emotions, where although no evidence and no proof is available along with bitterness, envy, frustration, jealousy, resentment and continual suppression of feelings and emotions – or repeated expression of incessant regrets at not having achieved and having being left so far back in life or other similar aspects – the repeated feelings of helplessness and desperation could probably lead to cancer?(remember and note this is unconfirmed – just a very far assumptive remote possibility)

(Just even thinking is so very frightening and scary – then how to imagine? Since if this could be true in any way whatsoever, then being angry and practicing the various negative traits and tendencies is – are definitely not worth it, life is far more precious than simply venting – expressing our intense anger and frustration and bitterness and jealousy and envy and hatred and resentment please. Kindly practice compassion and forgiveness, let go of all the negative tendencies please, they are not you, you are a pure being of light filled with divine energy – Appreciate and Care for your self and others please, You are truly the best, the Universe loves you and you are the love of the Universe, so from love to love, it is beloved – it is be+loved, ensure to love yourself firstly, you have a special purpose in this life which is to achieve and excel in all the duties that have been entrusted upon your shoulders and to always endeavor to support the sustainable visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God Bless)


Peace is our true nature and when we see others getting infuriated or repeated complaining and fretting, making a fuss and wailing, regretting and being extremely upset, we comfort them with soothing words and our very best possible, encouraging them to be calm.

However, we need to remember what we do do and practice when faced with similar instances, 
eventualities and scenarios as well please since advocating and practicing compassion and forgiveness 
may be completely different from the philosophical to the theoretical to the practical daily life process please, 
be consciously aware and ensure to live a purposeful life with due diligence, prudence, responsibility and wisdom.


It is being repeatedly emphasized that there is NO substantial proof or evidence whether any of the above is probably – possibly or in anyway true at all – all of the above are observations and thoughts aimed towards adoption of a preventive approach towards living life.


The preciousness of life is truly undescriable and incomparable – since its greatness and graciousness is immensely fabulous and truly magnificent – nothing compares to life at all, life is truly supreme and the greatest gift of God to us, we must cherish it, respect it and honor it by living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, a sense of duty and commitment to serve and fulfill our respective duties earnestly and faithfully, prudence, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom respectively.


All of us know very well that prevention is better than cure and then IF, IF, IF and IF……. repeatedly an unending set of IF’s – IF any of the above is true? If it is true that cancer could be precipitated, stimulated and intensified – further evolved and the cells multiplied due to harboring – storing within ourselves or practicing – experiencing anger – rage, bitterness, envy, frustration, jealousy, getting unnecessarily infuriated, expressing profound resentment and suppressing one’s emotions intensively = Then for sure, it is definitely not worth it at all. Speak to those who have and are battling cancer, they will explain to you the true wonderfulness of having a healthy body, mind and consciousness.

In Fact

In fact, Governments all over the World should set up certain specialist panels that are caring and compassionate in helping those battling with cancer to speak whether from anonymity or if they so wish reveal their identity – pseudonym or no name disclosure is understandable since those facing cancer are facing the greatest challenges of their lives ever – and if they could speak about the possible causes that lead to their cancer, they would help millions of other people to hopefully avoid getting afflicted with cancer please. There may already be lots of researches, treatments, cures and discoveries – incredible efforts and commendable initiatives being taken by several medical institutions, panels of doctors and specialists as well as innumerable marathon efforts to help find a permanent cure for cancer – but if the roots – the root causes could be known, they could help transform the life, the way and the weight of anxiety being carried in millions of people’s minds regarding the possible causes of cancer.


We hear, read, learn and discuss so much about the nutritious aspects – the preventive aspects of how we should cook our food, what we should consume and take lots of precautionary measures and safeguard our health, diet regimen and habitual tendencies. However what about the other aspects that are ongoing within ourselves please, our emotions, our feelings – the intensity and magnitude of our emotions and feelings may be multiplied and even we may not be aware of the several thousands of emotions and feelings that are building layer upon layers within the realms of our sacred selves and then IF, IF and IF, IF that may ever lead to cancer, we maybe caught in the intensity of profound sadness, despair, complexities and some of the greatest challenges of our lives. Why not carefully understand that the roots strengthen the routes, so if the roots of awareness regarding certain aspects are more well known, then the routes and destinations of the effects would be far much more better, healthier and happier hopefully please. It is being mentioned hopefully since as mentioned time and again, nothing is definite whether cancer is being caused by the various emotional disorders or intensification or otherwise, it is almost impossible to forecast or predict any of these details but we have learned over time and time keeps reminding us time and again that prevention is better than cure, let us take preventive measures and spread the message that regardless of whatever may be said or attributed, for sure anger, rage, bitterness, envy, frustration, jealousy, getting unnecessarily infuriated, expressing profound resentment and suppressing one’s emotions intensively and any form or type of rage is not worth it at all. You are precious and so is your nature, seek to experience your true nature and your true self, God Bless.


To those who are undergoing cancer or any disease, we humbly pray for them wishing them well always, wishing them a speedy recuperation – recovery and the finest health, happiness, joy and most importantly endurable strength and courage to reflect upon their true nature and their true self – their true essence which encompasses a wealth of inspiration as well as remarkable encouragement and incredible sustenance of life that we experience through our central nervous system, our immune deficiency system and the fabulous wealth of priceless characteristics and virtues amazing, be well, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Compassion, Love, Light and Wisdom,


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