Evaporation & Vibration – The Human Physique & The Universe – Pure Thoughts & Intentions

Evaporation & Vibration – The Human Physique & The Universe – Pure Thoughts & Intentions


One example of evaporation in a human body as we all know is the perspiration where upon exertion, we sweat and thus the perspiration ensues. And remarkably perspiration is an essential process that helps to maintain the body’s coolness.


Regarding vibration, with everything around us including us having energy and resonating at certain frequencies, it is quite interesting to better understand how the particles of energy within us tend to align and co create with the atmosphere, nature and the Universe.


It is generally understood that having positive and negative emotions and tendencies subjects us to experience likewise set of frequencies since we are functioning, gravitating and operating in accordance with the laws of energetic patterns that are regulating the evolutionary process of the Cosmos, whether we may realize the precise extent or not.


This does not have to raise immense concerns or a deluge of questions since with an anxious perspective, we may be precipitating completely confounding theories and getting entangled into a web of complexities – seeking to earnestly live our normal daily lives, attend to our respective objectives and then have various doubts or queries creeping within the corridors of our minds? No please, this article is not seeking to speculate or reflect on any habitual tendencies and cast any opinion – but rather humbly seeks to reflect on one simple aspect, which is – whether we are consciously aware of what we are engaging with? Whatever it maybe at any given time, instance, condition or scenario, how much of our awareness is there in what we are thinking, acting upon and expressing please?


Yet again, the above is not anything that has been researched or experimented, i just came across this when it occurred to me – that what could be possibly the connection and influence between evaporation and vibration where it relates to the human body? One aspect we need to carefully realize is that we are co creating along with nature and the Universe, that when we raise our vibrations – expand our consciousness, we experience a remarkable difference within as well as all around ourselves within some given point of time. It has been deliberately specified some given point of time since some individuals may expect instant results and may intensify their agitated state of expectancies far more rapidly than it may be manifesting, thereby creating a roadblock – an obstruction in their own pathways unknowingly? and then when they tend to realize and avoid the intense procrastination or negative engagement of tendencies – tentative speculations, they experience a sense of relief and calm – and chide themselves at having unnecessarily generated far greater expenditure of energy reflecting upon so many outcomes and scenarios far much more than any ones imagination and field of possibilities respectively.


Repeat, please kindly note, that as mentioned the above is not confirmed – not definite – not necessarily accurate since what has been expressed has been mentioned in good faith without any responsibilities of any kind or type whatsoever, all liabilities are hereby disclaimed since if you seek to rely, depend and follow any of the above, it is at your sole and complete discretion and responsibility and accountability, remember you have been informed please.

Question Please

I want to ask a question and this equally applies for me as well. When we consume any food, beverages or wear anything, we are particular – extremely careful to ensure that whatever is consumed is clean and pure – spick and span in whatever we wear – so then how could we keep wearing impure thoughts please? Even the slightest fragment of any particle that is there that may appear impure, alien or strange in what we consume is reflected upon alarmingly and whatever is there whether our food or beverages or even garments are set aside unless we are absolutely sure about the sanctity and purity of what we ingest, what we consume and what wear, so why time and again, the impartiality or partiality at permitting impure thoughts to dwell and keep growing within our minds and hearts please? Why please?

Now when we can be so very conscious and discerning about what we consume, how come, we keep on providing ourselves the liberty to keep consuming and broadening the depository of impure thoughts, emotions, negative tendencies and habits please?

Why is it so that at those instances when we maybe aware that it is impure, how am i engaging in this – with this – within this -it will taint and leave me with certain scars and wounds? Kindly note, that this does not mean to speak about generating or reflecting upon hurting ourselves, NO< NO and Never – it is humbly seeking to raise the level of alertness as to why, why and why………..

Why do we permit certain negativism’s to dwell within the corridors of our minds and hearts please? We are pure beings and seek purity, then why the impurity within the realm of our thoughtfulness please?

We have a choice, we can seek to gradually encourage and inspire – teach and train ourselves to think better, purer and wiser thoughts and one of this process relates to meditation – where we witness and seek to clarify, ratify and compassionately incorporate certain structural changes as carefully as possible and how this is done is truly divine since in the meditation we call upon our divine essence to humbly guide and show us the way, provide us the grace and wisdom to think well, know better and do well, perform wiser actions and always endeavor to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God Bless.

Pure Intentions

There maybe far much more to this than we actually know or will come to know but if we have pure intentions and be faithful and committed to our respective agendas, assignments, duties, obligations, studies, responsibilities and tasks, the vibrations that we experience are definitely encouraging and nourishing as well as inspiring and channelizing greater set of frequencies thereby helping to strengthen our resolve because having achieved and accomplished – made certain progress, we experience a sense of elation and delight at the true approach of having achieved something constructive and meaningful – of having accomplished, akin to experiencing the victoriousness of having won and triumphed over and keenly looking ahead to the progressive pathways ahead with a perspective of enthusiasm and delightful joyfulness.

Thoughts – Contamination? Calm Domination?

Now coming back to the very most integral factor that apparently influences, impacts and affects and is the stimulus and impetus of innumerable colossal fragments and clusters of reflections to manifest whether knowingly or unknowingly – ignorance is not bliss please, conscious awareness and purposeful living, practicing due diligence and prudence in – within our thoughts is essential as well please since simply permitting ourselves to think however? whatever? is not helpful at all please.

Our thoughts are instrumental and the radical factors that may tend to augment and intensify leading us across certain pathways we may never have ever imagined, hence, knowing the potential importance and significance of our thoughts, why are we not taking the necessary measures and steps to cultivate and harvest good and constructive, pure set of thoughts please?

Since when ingesting anything, we are very particular and wary, precautious and safeguard ourselves – shielding ourselves from any untoward experiences, so then why the partiality with thoughts please? Why do we give the liberty to our certain thoughts to steer us away from our primordial objectives which seek us to awaken to our pureness, our sacredness and our truthfulness please?

Why don’t we embrace our completeness, our greatness and our wonderfulness please? Why don’t we seek to experience our true nature, our true essence, our true self, our true identity which is pureness please? It may all be somewhere amongst the seeds of thoughts that either we planted or got influenced by following certain practices and believing that those particular set of practices although impure would lead us ahead towards and harmony?

Please kindly do not delude or mislead yourselves just thinking that any kind or sort of impurities in our thoughts will ever bring forth any realistic results since if there is anything achieved, it would be the most temporary of results which would upon subsiding leave us with the most profound of impacts, painfulness and a yearning to heal but alas being amidst pain and having lost out, we may have to take several times more the efforts and initiatives to re establish our connection with our pureness please.

The contamination and calm domination seeks to refer to ignorance or negligence whereupon cultivating certain sets of thoughts, one may be languishing and letting the precious moments of one’s lifetime go by reflecting more upon the impurities and negativism simply because they find that as their comfort zone whereas the need for responsible action may be beseeching, pleading and imploring them to awaken and live a purposeful life with conscious awareness but to no avail, since they may wish to avoid listening to anyone at all. They may become stubborn and resolute in their negative tendencies so much so that what may be impure and not good for them may tend to appear as good? as pure? How Come? How did all this happen please? It may have all started with negligently permitting certain set of impure thoughts, emotions and habits, practices to keep building up without even realizing that the contamination would actually have been seeping and then seeking calm domination in all areas of one’s life shockingly. This is not fair, life is pure, the Universe is pure, Nature is pure and so are You please, God Bless.

Our pureness is always there with us. When we seek to experience our true essence, our true self, we realize that even before our birth as well as well as during the sacred process of being born to our greatest teachers – our divine Parents, we were evolving and experiencing an phenomenal transformation already and this was all, is all and will always be truly the pureness that we earnestly seek and it all begins in a strong way with our thoughts, what thoughts we are going on planting, nurturing and strengthening please? Let us please very most carefully and consciously be aware of our thoughts, of our actions and our expressions please, God Bless.


We are blessed with extremely incredible treasures which are the purity of our intentionality, speech, and our truthfulness.


It is extremely important to have a pure intent in whatever we think, do, express as well as within each and every one of our actions respectively.


The Universe has been created and keeps creating on the basis of purity.


Understanding the sacredness of the process of evolution humbly inspires us to embrace the completeness, greatness and gracefulness of who we truly are.


Everything is pure in its essence and so are you.


The pureness of our energy and its intentionality may have taken centuries to realize, but a moment of truth as it is – is all that is needed to experience its incredible magnificence that spans across the landscape of our lifetime with inevitable meritoriousness.


The renaissance of life is represented by alignment with our true self. By being consciously aware of our thoughts, actions, words and expressions – we are harmoniously aligning with our true nature and true essence where the transformation is remarkably sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely.


As we are aware that when we expand our consciousness, we co create our Universe with our beliefs. By channelizing our pure energetic perspective realistically, we humbly awaken to the true essence of our evolution.


Pureness is who we truly are. From our pure essence emerges the evolution of our destiny to form our core resonance and alignment with all that pervades, permeates and prevails across and within the hemispheres of Universal consciousness progressively.


Remember, we are the embodiment of pureness where each and every particle of energy within us is absolutely pure and seeks our pure essence, intentions and initiatives to enhance the scope of revealing the divine truth to ourselves that is ensconced within our true nature. Realize that we are celestial beings of light filled with pureness and divine energy. Consciously realize that the Universe is pure and expanding within as well as all around you with purposeful precision, meaningfulness and purposefulness amazingly, God Bless.


The solar system – the cosmic constellation – the realms of space – the cosmos, sun, moon, stars, galaxies, planets, known and unknown celestial bodies – keep traversing their elliptical orbits in accordance with one force that is defined as the pure Universal energy.


We are beings of light filled with abundant pure energy and when we seek to truly align our energetic frequencies, we tend to realize the amazing re arrangement of various aspects in our lives remarkably.


With our higher consciousness, we energize the cosmos and our celestial visions far beyond our imaginative paradigms. The frequencies of the human intellect, mind, physique and soul – chakras inspire us to experience our true nature – our true essence.


The above humbly seeks to evoke our conscious awareness to dwell and reflect upon the greater purpose of our evolution. We have far much more brilliance and creativeness ensconced within our being that could help us to reach across an establish a harmonious platform of converting the fields of energies that seek our conscious and pure participation, seeking one paramount objective that is belonging to the visions that sustain Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare constantly.


From knowing to the now in, we realize that there is so much more truly there within each and every moment and when we realize that with our energy, we are able to play a Universal role that envisions the restructuring of the landscapes of the Universe, we are awed and humbled at having been conferred such an meritorious distinction of harnessing one aspect that is constantly evolving – namely, the Universal energy within us, around us and far beyond us as well – being remarkably influenced and expanded with the pureness of our intent that encompasses profound revelations of goodwill and harmoniousness of the Universe infinitely. Let us seek to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence and responsibility realizing that the Universal energy we have been gifted with seeks our trueness to our nature within us, around us and far beyond us responsibly.


Commencing with consonance, the remarkable alignment and embarking onto the cosmonance that is harmoniously energizing and getting further energized by the fields of pure Universal energy and then amazingly engaging in the consciousnance which is the dialogue with our higher self, the pathway towards our self realization which is the pureness of our being expressing our divinity, experiencing our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom infinitely, God Bless. Realize, the Universal energy is pure and so are you, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Compassion, Dignity, Respect, Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

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