Doing What You Like, Like What You Are Doing – Finding What You Are Paid For, Paid For What You Are Fond Of

Doing What You Like, Like What You Are Doing – Finding What You Are Paid For, Paid For What You Are Fond Of

Global Recession and Economic Crisis?Valuing The Process – Living Your Values and Enhancing Global Productive Resourcefulness


The global recession and economic crisis being faced continually represents some of the greatest unprecedented challenges of our time ever. There is a question mark featured in the captioned because it is believed as the affinity and spontaneity grows and flows, the greatness of each and every individual’s initiatives will seek to strengthen the endurable process of welfare progressively.


There is tremendous appreciation for the immense economic, monetary and fiscal measures that have been taken by the Governments and various organizations in the private and public sectors all across the World to effectively combat the recession and economic crisis.


The greatest contributions of course belong to the World’s people who have faithfully sustained the visions belonging to the goodwill, harmony, progress and wisdom of the Universe with purposeful dedication.


Find what you are paid for, paid what you are fond of. This is the joyfulness of millions of people’s ambitious aspirations being fulfilled where they experience a sense of belonging and self worthiness.


Every initiative they take is filled with a passionate purposefulness for they are enjoying what they are doing and are being handsomely paid for what they are talented in thereby enhancing the global productive resourcefulness meritoriously.


This is a process where the employers and their employees are coming together to unify their intellectual capabilities and achieve as well as excel together with one common aim, purpose, mission and vision that seeks to progress together remarkably.


Governments and Organizations in the private and public sectors should truly take greater initiatives to promote the proficiency, talents and special skills of millions of youngsters and teenagers – the youth, to help them identify what they wish to become in their lives very much earlier on in their lives.


While schools, colleges and universities – the teachers, lecturers and professors – truly respected members of the educational sectors strive to raise the level of awareness and knowledge magnificently, they could also be encouraged and supported by the Governments and Organizations coming forward to help identify what the youth wish to become in their lives truly.


Sometimes, the youth may be wishing to pursue a certain occupation – vocation, but they might be under immense pressure due to expectations from their Families and the Societies where they live in to carry forth the baton – the legacies of honoring the retinue of professions their generations have been pursuing which is fair, however what they truly cherish is what they will excel in, this has been noticed time and again over several decades.


The youth should not be reflected upon strangely or discouraged if they are excelling in another field of knowledge, other than what they have been subdued to take up or what is expected of them since ultimately it always comes back to doing what you like, to like what you are doing, God Bless.


This is humbly celebrating the true will of humanity for it is the truthfulness in everything we think, do, act and express that will set us free and liberate us from the bondage of carrying any duplicity. Our values are truly priceless, living our values represents the true value of our living, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

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