Self Immolation Is An Extremely Wrong Practice That Is Going Against The Sanctity Of One’s Own True Self, Humanity, Society, Laws, Nature & The Universe

Self Immolation Is An Extremely Wrong Practice That Is Going Against The Sanctity Of One’s Own True Self, Humanity, Society, Laws, Nature & The Universe


It is very most shocking to make note of news reports regarding a Tibetan Mother of four Children having set herself on fire in protest.


While humbly and respectfully praying for the series of self immolation’s to cease- completely stop, it is certainly a practice that is going against the sanctity of one’s own trueself, humanity, society, laws, nature and the Universe.


The burning question is not about any protest but it is about the greatest quest in since how can any human being ever set themselves on fire please? Any act of self immolation is extremely deplorable and condemnable.


Those who immolate themselves and those who watch this and encourage it are being extremely cruel to themselves and others.


Cruel for sure since here a Mother leaving behind her four Children to immolate herself and then those watching did not ever come forward to prevent this? How come?


A Mother is the epitome of divinity and humanity is the embodiment of a Mother’s love, While respectfully praying for peace of the departed soul, it is essential that those reflecting upon any acts of intent of self immolation please awaken and realize their true nature and their true self, that life is an extremely precious gift of God and we must honor it by living our values that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe always please, God Bless.


Humanity has been educated and taught as well as inspired and constantly encouraged to uphold and safeguard the greatness of life by honoring it for the great privileges of attending to our respective duties faithfully, diligently, prudently, wisely and responsibly – and most importantly of experiencing our divine essence and serving as an instrument of the divine will that ii confers upon each and every one of us preciously. Let us seek to send across our thoughts of peace, love, compassion and wisdom with the humble prayers for the acts of self immolation to cease – to come to a complete full stop please.


Every time any self immolation takes place, humanity looses far much more since nothing is truly achieved by the self immolation process, it makes the person immolating themselves suffer and leaving others in pain and suffering as well. We are all interconnected and cannot have such immense sacrifices to achieve any political cause please, there are more peaceful means and platforms where through meaningful dialogue and communication, far much more could be actually achieved please. Remember every soul is truly precious, far more precious than any cause since we have come to this World to experience our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom with our incessant aspiration and quest for self realization, honoring and experiencing our true self, our true nature and our true essence is a greater ambition that we must seek to accomplish please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Peace, Love, Light and Wisdom,


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