People & Promises; Honoring the Commitments

People & Promises; Honoring the Commitments


People promise others the most.


The most is keeping up with the promises.


However, in dire circumstances and situations might be quite acute, challenging, overwhelming and really, truly and legitimately needing some postponement or calling for the need for some helpful negotiations – resolutions, kindly establish contact with the concerned by taking the honestly sincere initiatives of clearly seeking to explain well in detail and not expecting others to obviously understand just like that by themselves please – but yet kindly remember well in time and if having too many commitments on the agendas, please make particular notes and schedule certain reminders as relevant and essential please.


However, in dire circumstances, if the situation is quite acute and legitimately needing some postponement or need for negotiations, kindly establish contact with the concerned by taking the sincere initiatives.


Kindly do not expect that others will understand what you are going through since sometimes till you speak clearly, others may not realize what is actually unfolding in your lives.


Remember, when you needed help, they were there to aid and when its your turn to fulfill your commitment, kindly ensure that you faithfully reciprocate and do the needful as well, since sometimes the needful actions speak louder than all the words – but remember actions that are honest, legal, safe, sincere and responsible for one another’s safety and well being please, God Bless.


Gratefully appreciate if you could also remember the promises and pledges made to yourself as well since one achievement; even one single fulfilled promise could further inspire the evolutionary fulfillment of your greater aspirations as well, it all starts with doing what is possible, reasonable and responsible.


The scriptures, doctrines as well as promises inspires us never to compromise our values since if the going maybe tough or there may be distracting temptations, kindly be firm and stand steadfastly by your integrity for the truth prevails, trust in God, believe in your true self and your true nature – your promise is the essence of your truth and your truth is your divine essence, respect its pureness and honor its promisefulness embodied and ensconced within your trueself infinitely, God Bless.


A note of caution, kindly note – sometimes, the fields may be looking far more greener than they actually are – sometimes, people and things might be appearing quite different than they actually are – sometimes a lot may be promised by someone else and once you may have signed any legal agreement or documents without duly verifying the contents of what agreements – contracts and bindings you are signing, then later on no matter what is done, you become liable to face the consequences – sometimes, a few moments of pleasure or indulgence may take away a complete lifetimes of peacefulness and joyfulness due to adventurous pursuance or recklessness? ignorance or negligence? or any other factors? The point is to carefully ascertain before committing in any instances – in any circumstances and in any eventualities – do not blindfoldedly just concede and give away your rights or intents for someone else to dominate and govern. What is right and what is wrong is wrong provided it is abiding and complying with the stipulated regulations. rules and laws governing national and international jurisdictions as well as the laws governing nature and the universe which demand a firm commitment of abidance by the truth as it is, God Bless.


One more note, actually one more request please. If something has been done, somethings have been signed already, please take the necessary precautions, but kindly do not hurt or punish yourselves or just surrender and subjugate and be compelled to undergo the harshness and rigidity of any unfairness or illegal practices. If you are already consciously aware and have realized that what has transpired was wrong, please take the necessary measures to protect and safeguard your interest remembering that if you keep permitting atrocities or engaging in any tolerance of mal practices, then it is your consent that is strengthening the resolve of what is going on against you. Unless you seek qualified assistance, no one may ever know what you are actually going through but once you are frank and disclose what is transpiring by being forthright and honest, this may probably help alleviate all the anxieties, hypertension, stress and incessant deluge of complexities – as well as hopefully bring forth instituting certain needful actions and initiatives please. You may have heard of the saying, a stitch in time saves nine.


Honoring the commitments also relates to your habits, IF you may have been following certain practices and have pledged to reform and give up particular habits – whether it be smoking,drinking alcohol beverages, gambling, excessive overeating or practicing anger, envy, hatred, jealousy, resentment and suppression of your emotions – then please stand by faithfully and honor your commitments of avoiding, of prevention and of staying away from doing what you were previously doing since practicing compassion, forgiveness and truthfulness is your primordial heritage, God Bless.

So What?

IF you may disregard and say, ah well so what, just another blog with the blah blah blah…… typical – usual advice, so what? who cares? Well, then it is upto you and your discretion, since i shall not mention any consequences befalling because that is a harsh way of looking or responding but rather humbly seek to plead and appeal to you to earnestly living your life with conscious awareness and purposefully for this is one precious life we have got and there are no being sorry – no regrets – no apologies or begging – imploring or yelling – wailing that would ever bring back any of the precious moments and opportunities that may have elapsed-gone by please. Kindly remember that once something goes such as time and opportunities – instances, they may be taking away far much more with them then we could ever understand, recognize, realize or expect please. Its your life that’s truly worth it, each and every moment, initiative and effort truly counts and matters please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

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