Maker Of The Choices? Or Choices Of The Maker? Or Become The Chosen?

Maker Of The Choices? Or Choices Of The Maker? Or Become The Chosen?

Feelings, Heard Ourselves? Thoughts, Hurt Ourselves? Emotions, Hurl Ourselves? Wisdom, Heal Ourselves


Human nature amazingly seeks to follow the sequential patterns and pathways of embracing its grace and wisdom across various stages of its sojourn in this magnificent earthly realm respectively.Remember carefully, in so many ways, we are the maker, we are the chooser and we become the chosen, which is why the grace of God inspires us to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness, a sense of commitment, due diligence, prudence, sincerity, truthfulness, responsibility and wisdom always, God Bless.


It all adds up, sums up, equals up, totals up, rhymes up, aligns up, synch’s up and measures up so very remarkably once we tend to experience our true nature, our true self, our true essence and our true identity.


Whether it maybe our choices, being heard, ignorantly engaging in a delusive pattern of negative thinking? or suppressing our emotions, expressing anger, bitterness, resentment and jealousy which is tantamount to hurling oneself across – almost akin to flinging imaginatively, but why? Why subject ourselves to go through confounding processes of punishments please?


Let us seek to embrace our completeness, our greatness, our gracefulness, our sincerity, our truthfulness and our wisdom for expressing our divinity and experiencing our divine essence is our primordial heritage and evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom our proud meritage, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Fracking, Oil and Gas Extraction Leading to Earthquakes? The Price Paid? Payed? To Be Paid? When More will Moor?

Fracking, Oil and Gas Extraction Leading to Earthquakes? The Price Paid? Payed? To Be Paid? When More will Moor?


According to news reports, it is assumed (not definitely confirmed) that fracking, this refers to oil and gas exploration and extraction deep underground may be attributed to be one of the possible causes of earthquakes?


Fracking which is also referred to as hydraulic fracturing relates to underground extraction of oil and natural gas.


This is believed to be reaching far underground – deep into the earths surface and injecting under extremely high pressure the pumping of millions of liters of water, chemicals and sand to obtain natural gas and oil reserves from rocks.


It is encouraging to note Governmental precautionary measures that seek to carefully safeguard and strictly restrict any further exploration or extraction whenever even the barest – the slightest of any alarming seismic activity or alerts are noticed – detected respectively.


However, the question as well as the quest in remains and seeks answers as to whether the actual value derived from the exploration and extraction would justify the probable and possible damages and impacts caused to natural, ecological, environmental and oceanic resources please?

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,




Upon noticing some of the adverse – strong remarks with reference to fracking – hydraulic fracturing, I would wish to particularly clarify beforehand to help with a clearer understanding of the objective relating to this post accordingly.


The main purpose of this article is to raise concerns relating to conscious conservation of the earths ecological, environmental, natural and oceanic resources respectively.

As mentioned above, this is something that is assumed to be a probable and a possible cause and without a lot of substantial evidence or any vital aspects could not be expounded upon could ignorantly lead to those seeking to speculate? reaching their own conclusions? mis phrasing or mis interpreting? or blowing this out of context and proportion for gaining publicity or attentive mileage or sentimentally due to their own concerns and reasons? or even if for a noble cause but things need to be carefully understood and acted upon please. One never knows, why some people rush towards firmly expressing and establishing their opinions immediately just upon coming to know something without actually truly knowing the complete state of facts please?

Important – Please Note Carefully

Kindly note, this is not about banning or calling for or spearheading any movement for or against the captioned, rather it is humbly referring to adoption and pursuance of an conservative and conscious approach with regards to the exploration and extraction process please.


We need to first of all be what we expect to realize, regardless of whatever that maybe please. The humble aspirations and cherished desires here sincerely seek only to raise the level of awareness and ensuring that apart from observance of the conventional safeguards and measures that are taken an higher degree of importance is continually conferred – legitimately and ethically paid to the aspects of implementing practices that are friendly to the earth and its crust for we come from the earth but we don’t form the earth only by ourselves alone please – in other words, we don’t create the earth completely by ourselves alone please. We truly owe an immense sense of responsibility and allegiance to natural, ecological, environmental, oceanic and universal resources and its inhabitants consistently please.

The earth does not belong to us completely please. We are merely the custodians given the sacred privilege to conservatively safeguard and sustain its resources, and if exploring and extracting, to do so in an ethical and responsible manner that is respecting the primary interests of nature, of the earth, of the ecology, of the environment, of the oceans and of the universe consciously, conservatively and responsibly please, God Bless .

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