Feel Our Mind, Mind Our Feelings

Feel Our Mind, Mind Our Feelings


We fill our mind with a lot of thinks and things.


We fell about our thinks and thinks with a lot of mindi.


The qualities of the mind are think oriented and then we add a large list of things and the largest ever list of feelings?


Did we ever realize that amongst all the aspects in our lives, feelings take away a substantial power of our minds please?


The contrary is also true that feelings make a way for establishing an incredible power of governance over many other matters and then it is either feeling helpless or helping less?


Yes, we know so much and don’t know the precise extent but the way in which feelings dominate and inluence + impact the mind processes is unbelievable.


A few moments of feeling good adds so much of pure energy to our lives while feeling bad may deplete the very same energy and leave us feeling resourceless, strained, drained out and exhaustively tired and fatigued – burdened as if we are virtually carrying the greatest load of weights that could be ever carried?


With time, when we practice our daily meditation along with compassion and forgiveness, letting go completely of any resentment, bitterness, jealousy, anger, greed and hatred – as well as releasing the supressed emotions that may have been bottled up – held up incessantly as a refuge? what sanctuary is this? Feeling and then fulfilling or filling the fullness?


The above humbly means that our mind is also having certain limitations where the placement of pressure of anxieties or concerns – worries and other tendencies upon it may relate to it in ways and weighs far more greater than we ever knew, whereas the very sane when permitting the graceful flow – or releasing and consciously managing with due diligence, prudence, responsibility and sincerity, we may tend to be strengthening ourselves remarkably, the choice is ours, whether to flow or to follow?


It means that initially it maybe a few droplets, a trickle of certains thoughts and things along with feelings and then the very same may intensify and build up and then what follows maybe that we are trying to find ourselves frantically in the process, it is as if we are behaving like someone else we never knew and yet helplessly watching everything unfold?


Does life then become a question mark or a quest in mark please? It does not mean to discourage when asking this question please rather it seeks to introspectively reflect upon what is going on – what is transpiring so vehemently and seek to pause a few moments between the various agendas, assignments, duties, obligations, responsibilities studies and tasks respectively.


Kindly note importantly this does not mean or provide liberty to a person to let go of what they are doing and just relaxing? NO, Not at all – because say for example, a person is the driver of a commercial vehicle or the operator of a crane, a forklift or working in the mines or in various other industries – or if they are doctors, whatever the profession may be, it calls for a high degree of alertness and complete attentiveness and dedication with utmost responsibilities and precaution please. So what this pause practice means is that when back home and not operating any vehicle, equipment or any devices, etc – when one is having the opportunity to actually relax at ease during their rest time – recreation time – yes they could recreate a better and greater set of days ahead by seeking to allow their minds then at those times feel more consciously about what it is that could help them and others progress ahead and experience what they aspire and ambitiously wish to achieve please? So what this actually means is being focused, attentive and fully consciously aware of what one is doing wherever one maybe please because some of life’s moments never return, feelings may return but moments never do so in certain instances please and then no matter how much ever we may seek to recreate, we are left with a greater load of feelings? wondering where did this all begin please?


Lets come back to the main point to see how we could help ourselves even if the smallest possible way and that is to point to the coming – appoint the true coming, the calness of our mind – the true calling of our mind’s calmness is experienced when we seek to meditate – experience our true nature and our true self, we realize that we may have been ignorantly accumulating far much more thatn we could ever carry and then as we carefuilly seek to detach and carry far much more less and care far much more, yes, feelings is connected with how we care for ourselves and others as well, please. Let us kindly take good and conscious care of ourselves and others in a good, proper and responsible manner always please, thank you and God Bless.


Its about caring for our feelings where instead of just filling or fulfilling, we are more consciously aware and not overfilling the cup of our minds. When it is actually something we are fillling, we are mindful of what we are doing lest it overfllows but when it relates to our minds, we need to likewise practice a disciplined and diligent approach and set of practices as well please. Ensuring that we just do not keep on filling and feeling however and just aimlessly accumulating all sorts of feelings and making ourselves feel what we should not be feeling please? We should seek to fill what we are, which is our true nature of pureness in our thoughts, actions and expressions infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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